The Real Hunter!

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After the two of them had walked far enough away, Xia Ruoxue quickly let go of Ye Chen's arm. A sweet smile appeared on her beautiful face.

"Ye Chen, you helped me out previously. Now that I've helped you out as well, we're even." Xia Ruoxue tucked her hair behind her ear and laughed. "That girl doesn't look too bad. Is she your ex-girlfriend? Or is she someone you had a crush on? I've never been so intimate with a boy before, so there's nothing wrong with you providing for me."

Ye Chen's eyes narrowed and he smiled."You're an iceberg president, so I really can't afford to provide for you. However, how do you feel about working for me?"

Xia Ruoxue raised her eyebrows when she heard his words.

As far as she knew, the only valuable thing Ye Chen had was that formula. Could it be that this guy had some other business?

Thinking back, the card that this guy gave her also had a lot of money in it.

Could this guy be a hidden rich tycoon?