At this moment, the two experts of the Chu family were truly afraid.

They had never seen such a frigid gaze.

A single look was all it took to bind them both.

That single look also seemed to determine their fate!

Chu Shuran, who was behind them, felt that something was amiss and shouted, "Why aren't you guys doing anything? Did you not understand my words? Take him down!"

However, the only response she received was silence and indifference.

The two experts of the Chu family were really in a pickle. Just as they were about to explain themselves, they heard a bone-chilling voice!

"Kneel down!"

They stared at the man in front of them in horror!

They did not know what kind of magic the other party's words employed, but they actually felt an extremely terrifying pressure that seemed to have descended from the heavens!

This pressure directly smashed onto their bodies.