When Luo Yao heard this voice, her face instantly turned pale. She had not expected the Cui family to find them so fast.

The Cui family was not the overlord family in Danxu Town, not because they were weak, but simply because they did not care about the other families in Danxu Town, because they were on completely different levels!

If Ye Chen had not appeared in the Core Tower and caused the Cui family to suffer losses, the Cui family would have been even stronger.

It was also because of Ye Chen's matter that the current head of the Cui family was furious. Therefore, if anyone messed with the family at this moment, the Cui family would go all out in order to exact revenge.

Luo Yao looked over toward the source of the voice. When she saw the crowd, her expression became fearful.

Although Ye Shitian was strong, he might not be able to escape unscathed when faced with so many of the Cui family's cultivators.