One Man! One Punch!

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"Their auras are extremely terrifying. If they are that strong it's hard to imagine how powerful Ye Shitian is!"

"We must not provoke such a terrifying person!"

Ye Shitian was so powerful, but he was not one of the top ten geniuses of the Kunlun Mountains!

However, four peerless geniuses under him could probably compete for that honor!


Ye Chen's fist qi seemed to carry endless power as it violently attacked the flaming barrier that surrounded Daoist Nanming. Seeing this, the latter mobilized his true qi and spiritual energy to resist the attack, continuously sending out flames, but he was gradually exhausted. 

How was this possible?

Previously, Ye Shitian had only killed Xiang Yingjie of the Xiang family, so how had he grown so strong so fast?

"Old Daoist, do you have any last words? If not, I'll send you on your way!" 

"Ye Shitian, you b*stard! You can't kill me, or the Cui family will never let you go!"