Might Makes Right

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A cat crushing such a ferocious beast? What a joke!

Duan Huai An was also stunned.

When they were in the Land of Slaughter, he found out that Ye Chen had some ability to tame beasts. Otherwise, the Black Tiger King would not have become Ye Chen's mount.

However, even if Ye Chen knew how to tame beasts, it was impossible for him to tame such a powerful creature!

He was quite knowledgeable, but even he had never seen such an incredible species in the Kunlun Mountains.

Could this be a descendant of an ancient beast?

After Little Gold was done, it stretched its body and walked toward Elder Zheng and the others.

Everyone subconsciously took a step back. This unknown creature had broken Mr. Jingshui's formation, so it could very likely deal with them easily as well!

Little Gold swept its gaze across everyone. Its eyes were cold, and even exuded faint killing intent.