Meeting In The Ring

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Although he did not know why Wei Ying was here, there was definitely something wrong!

Wei Ying stood on the stage with her hands behind her back. The contestant in front of her had completely collapsed.

Her battle was simple and straightforward.

Suddenly, Wei Ying sensed something. Her gaze shot in Ye Chen's direction and her lips revealed a cold smile.

It was as if she was provoking him, but also as if she had seen her prey.

Her eyes were filled with great confidence!

Their eyes met for a full ten seconds.

Ji Lin naturally sensed something and glanced at the two of them.

"Ye Chen, do you really know each other?"

Ye Chen nodded. "Her name is Wei Ying. She's from Huaxia. To be precise, I brought her here."

Hearing this, Ji Lin gasped!

Huaxia, which lacked spiritual energy, had actually given birth to two geniuses!

Just Ye Chen alone was already shocking enough. Now, there was another icy girl, Wei Ying!