Master And Disciple

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Hong Tao glared at Duan Huai An and Ye Chen and smiled malevolently. 

"Today, the two of you are trapped beasts! So what if you won! In the end, you still have to become my human sacrifices!"

He had countless experts on his side, and dozens of them were saint king realm experts, so there was no way Duan Huai An or Ye Chen could escape his grasp.

They were dead for sure!

At this critical moment, Senior Feng, who had been silent all this while, spoke up, "Hong Tao, I have a request."

Hong Tao narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Senior Feng. 

Senior Feng reached out and pointed at Ye Chen.

"Hong Tao, this kid is extremely important to me and the Core Tower! Can you let this person off for my sake? This person will very likely become a top genius of the Core Tower in the future!"

When Hong Tao heard this request, he immediately shook his head, "No! This kid must die here! There is no room for discussion."