Give Them To Me!

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Duan Huai An's voice was very soft. Hong Tao, who was at the side, could only vaguely hear something about Huaxia's East Coin Lake, and did not think much of it.

He looked at Duan Huai An with disdain. 

"The ramblings of a dead person… Hmph!"

Then, his gaze fell on Ye Chen and he smiled.

"Brat, if you had accepted the jade pendant and joined the Core Tower, I would have been helpless. However, you chose the path of death recklessly, so prepare yourself!"

Ye Chen's gaze swept across the experts that had surrounded the stage.

The weakest was probably a saint realm cultivator, while the majority were saint king realm cultivators. There were even a few origin realm experts.

From this, it could be seen how terrifying Hong Tao's power and influence in the Land of Slaughter was. It would be very difficult to break out by relying solely on his own strength.