Little Black or Little Gold?

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Sure, Little Black had been scary and fierce enough to intimidate many experts in the Land of Slaughter back then, but its appearance was now on a completely different level!

In fact, just a look from it could make people submit to it!

Who would dare to stand in its way?

Most importantly, its aura was too terrifying!

Just as Ye Chen was getting excited, Mo Ning said in surprise, "This isn't right. Although there's that heaven-defying beast bloodline, it's impossible for it to become this strong all of a sudden. After all, the beast's body can't withstand this kind of power."

Before he finished speaking, the body of the violent beast kept shrinking.

It became smaller and smaller, and its aura also diminished in tandem with this.

Finally, it stopped.

When Ye Chen saw the new Little Black, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood…

The difference was too great!

Where was that awe-inspiring beast from before?