At Qianjue Plaza, there was a huge arena in the center, and ten smaller arenas around it.

Every arena was covered by a formation.

The area outside the arena was like a stadium. It was densely packed with spectator stands and seats, with cultivators going in and out in droves.

There were almost a few hundred sects here. Other than a few top-notch sects who disdained to participate, most of the sects had come.

Some did not choose to participate, but simply to witness the birth of a new rising genius.

"Speaking of which, I wonder what's going to be interesting this time," someone asked.

"Of course, there will be some interesting things to watch, but I'm afraid it's not as exciting as the competition five or six years ago, where Ji Siqing defeated all of her opponents effortlessly and was crowned as the favored daughter of the heavens!"