Corpses were strewn everywhere, and a desolate feeling hung over the surroundings.

As the cold wind blew, Fang Xingyun finally regained his senses.

When he was in the Blood Alliance, he had heard countless rumors about Ye Chen, that this kid was monstrously talented, heaven-defying and the number one expert in Huaxia.

He scoffed at these titles.

That was because the spiritual energy in Huaxia was thin. It was impossible for any geniuses to be born there!

In this world, apart from the Kunlun Mountains, everyone else were ants and pieces of trash!

No matter how strong Ye Chen was, he had only obtained some fortuitous opportunities. However, at this moment, he realized that he was wrong.

The power that Ye Chen had unleashed was not weak, even by the standards of the Kunlun Mountains. At the very least, it proved that Fang Xingyun had underestimated him.