Jiangnan Province, Spring Fall Resort.

Fang Xingyun and a few Blood Alliance experts were drinking, each holding a pretty woman in their arms, all of which were trembling.

They knew just how terrifying these people were!

Just now, a young woman had rejected these people's unreasonable demands, but she was killed immediately. They had never witnessed such ruthlessness before.

Furthermore, the things they did were completely beyond their understanding!

With a casual movement of their fingers, the wine cups would automatically float in the air. It was like a TV drama coming to life!

Fang Xingyun put down his wine glass. His eyes were a little dazed. He looked at the naked woman in his arms and snorted.

"There's no spiritual energy in the women of Huaxia. They're too ordinary. I'm really disappointed in Huaxia!"

"Most importantly, I don't like women looking sad in front of me. You've completely ruined my mood to drink."