Ye Chen knew very well that given Little Gold's current state, it required this pill more than anyone else.

In a daze, Little Gold opened its mouth and swallowed the pill.

In an instant, a scarlet light enveloped Little Gold, and its pained expression eased up. Little Gold was obviously feeling much better.

At this moment, the surroundings were in an uproar, and no one could remain calm.

That was the freaking Crimson Body Overlord Pill!

Only a top-notch alchemist could refine it after forty-nine days, and it required many rare herbs!

Ordinary cultivators were not qualified to see it, let alone eat it. There were probably no more than five in the entire Kunlun Mountains!

However, Ye Chen did not eat such a rare treasure himself but fed it to a cat!


Was this guy retarded?

What a waste!

Even Alchemy Master Ling Yi's mouth twitched, feeling somewhat helpless.