As it was too terrifying and dangerous, a hundred years ago, Alchemy Master Ling Yi and Alchemy Master Xingtian had sealed the area, and the statue was no longer in use.

However, it seemed that this would change today.

This frightened everyone, especially Cui Yuan!

Cui Yuan's entire body was drenched in sweat. His son the only heir in his line. After so many years, he only had one talented son. He had placed all his hopes on Cui Ruicheng. In his injured state, if Cui Ruicheng stood before the Alchemy God statue, he would definitely die!

He did not want his son to take the risk!

Hence, he looked at Alchemy Master Xingtian with trepidation and said in a trembling voice, "Alchemy Master Xingtian, my son is already injured. Why don't we use another method…"

Alchemy Master Xingtian's eyes narrowed, and his expression turned a little ugly.