"Disciple, no one here will dare to make a move against you now. You should be ready to break through soon, as you have benefited a lot from this battle. Perhaps you will be able to reach the immortal ascension realm soon. After settling this matter, quickly find a place to break through again."

As soon as he finished speaking, Duan Leiren left Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen looked at his hands and the ruins around him. There was only shock in his eyes.

He knew that Duan Leiren was very strong, but had not expected him to be so terrifying. Despite consuming half of the incomplete, and frankly speaking trashy, Archaic Illusory Reality Pill, Duan Leiren was still able to display such a large amount of power.

Had the pill been better, or if Ye Chen's cultivation level was stronger, how much power would Duan Leiren have been able to unleash?