Walking Nightmare

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Ye Chen's plum blossom imprint caused lightning and rain to envelop the entire Yibao Pavilion, shattering its protection formation and turning it into ruins.

Who would have thought that all of this was done by a young true soul realm expert who had appeared out of nowhere?

Somehow, this kid was able to control tribulation lightning, kill Zhuang Bufan, and even cause a storm of destruction with that plum blossom branch.

Was he still a f*cking human?

Everyone was trying to get a better look at the situation, but soon found that everything was blurry.

It was as if a mighty figure was deliberately obscuring what was going on.

Young Miss Ji covered her mouth with her hand and almost screamed. She wanted to win Ye Shitian over at all costs, however, it seemed that the chance had passed.

Would such a mighty figure take a fancy to the Ji family?

Perhaps even the Ji family might have to curry favor with Ye Shitian!