The chief looked at Chu Shuran's retreating figure and did not think much about it. He stood at the door and waited for Ye Lingtian to arrive.

To be honest, he had not seen the lord for a full year.

Had it not been for Ye Lingtian, he would have turned into a pile of white bones and would not be where he was now.

A minute later, a burly man arrived at the club.

The man had a buzz cut and a square face. His eyes were cold and his expression was dignified.

He was wearing a black shirt with a slightly-open collar. He had a strong body and the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up his arms.

Two old men exuding terrifying auras followed behind the man. Their eyes were sharp and their steps were light.

They were definitely experts among experts!

When the chief saw the man in the lead, he became rather excited. He quickly went up to him and respectfully said, "My lord!"