Meeting Chu Shuran Again!

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Ye Chen walked out of the washroom and bumped into a pretty young lady who was carrying tea and snacks toward his private room.

He did not want anyone to disturb him inside the private room, so he said to her, "Give me those. I'll bring them in myself."

The beautiful waitress naturally knew that Ye Chen was the occupant of the private room. Although there had never been such a precedent, she still nodded and carefully handed the tray to Ye Chen.

"Mr. Ye, if you need anything, you can just press the button on the table."

She knew very well that although the man in front of her looked young, she could not afford to offend anyone with the qualifications to enter River City Royal Club!

After watching the waitress leave, Ye Chen started to walk back toward his private room with the tea and snacks.

Suddenly, a clear female voice rang out from behind him.

"Ye Chen?"

Ye Chen's body almost turned to stone when he heard this voice.