Unknowingly, her son was not only extremely powerful in martial arts, but also in terms of medical skill.

Was Ye Chen diversifying into real estate?

Jiang Rong wanted to say something, but the very next second, her eyes were filled with surprise and fear when her gaze fell on the seal and signature at the bottom right corner.

Her hands trembled as she raised them up. Was this Bai Lixiong's land? How was this possible?

Naturally, she did not believe it at first. After all, even the Jiang family would have no way of obtaining this piece of land, much less her son.

Jiang Rong even felt like she was in a dream.

"Little Chen is this that land? Bai Lixiong agreed? How is that possible?"

Ye Chen nodded.

"Mom, this is the first thing I want to tell you. Over the past few days, I left in order to deal with this matter. This land certificate was personally given to me by Bai Lixiong."