A Little Surprise

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Seeing Xia Ruoxue walk into his room, Ye Chen confirmed that Sun Yi was telling the truth.

Were these two girls so bold now?

Not long after, Sun Yi finished showering and drying her hair. She winked at Ye Chen and grinned.

"Little Chen, I will be waiting for you on the bed."

Ten minutes later, Ye Chen finished his shower and entered his room.

Although the lights were off, as a cultivator, he could naturally see in the dark. 

Xia Ruoxue and Sun Yi lay on one side, leaving the side closer to the outside for him. The bed was two meters wide, so the two girls did not take up much space.

Sun Yi narrowed her eyes and pretended to be breathing heavily.

Ye Chen smiled and shook his head. He lifted the blanket and lay down.

The two girls did not react at all.

"Don't tell me you're both sleeping already?" Ye Chen asked calmly.