The Devious Vampire Queen Book

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The Devious Vampire Queen


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Elena Serrano the Princess of Atria a vampire kingdom has come of age and must take over her late parents' throne. She has to find a good husband to help her run the kingdom but her options with the "nobles" are either greedy or boring. She devises a plan to marry the man of her choice in a way that is approved by everyone. Even if her choice is a werewolf from the enemy kingdom(Izmia) "You have to marry a vampire, it's tradition," said Lola her lady royal. "I am a princess Lola dear, I will not marry some boring idiot for the sake of tradition," she replied. "What do you plan to do?" she asked getting worried about her. "I am going to create beautiful chaos. It takes beautiful chaos to create a masterpiece,” she said before walking away from the room. " This is not going to end well," whispered Lola to herself before following the Princess out. Contest: Webnovel spirity awards Theme: Royal vampire romance. A vote and a review would be highly appreciated. My other novels are; Only you (BL) For your love ( contemporary romance) Dare to love a dragon (BL)


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