The Cultivating Seductress System

Sarah, a commoner girl from the slums meets a mysterious blue light in the forest. The girl ran from the blue light in fear and hesitation. Trying to find a way out before she made a choice she didn't understand. She didn't want to make her choice. But soon the blue light forced her to make the choice. Her only choice. She pressed [Yes]... [Welcome to the Cultivating Seductress System host!] The Cultivating Seductress System? Sarah had used her lustful nature to have control all over the slums and the mortal world. Using men and women, both, to get the things she desired while indulging in the bodies of those she seduced. But with this new mysterious system, will she be able to take the fruits of those cultivators as well? Will she be able to seduce those arrogant cultivators into doing her bidding? If she could... 'Now that would be interesting.' /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// Author here! This is my first book ever! I’m hoping to write a very sexy story that will give the boys, and the girls something to enjoy. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). ( Even though the story isn't centred around its hentai aspect, there are a lot of sex scenes in it. So, look forward to yuri, futanari, straight, monsters, incest, etc.) (Story gets a bit dark in some chapters, so read with caution.) The art on the cover isn't mine so if you want me to get rid of it just tell me and I'll happily do it. I constantly edit my previous chapters to at least have readable grammar and a good story, so expect a lot of changes in chapters while reading. Feedback on how to improve is highly appreciated! I’m trying to make the best book I possibly can for my first time, and I'm also trying my best to improve my writing so I can write a new book in the future. Hope you enjoy the story!

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Don't Leave Me Alone!

A petite girl with blonde hair walked around the Kron camp.

She walked until she reached a group of grizzly men with dirty clothes and shaved beards.

And as she saw the burly and disgusting men, she had only one question on her mind.

'Big sis… is this really worth it?'

She didn't like how her big sis wanted to hire these men to assault a woman around the camp for unknown reasons.

The description that Sarah gave her was of a woman in her mid-twenties, with blonde hair and blue eyes with a beautiful demeanour.

For some reason, Sarah emphasized the word 'beautiful'.

Emma had a weird expression the first time she heard this. But she decided to ignore the nagging feeling at the back of her brain when she arrived before the gangsters in soldier uniforms.

Looking at them, her expression was tense, and her fist was clenched.

She didn't understand why her big sis wanted this to be done. If it could mean she could help her in any way she could, she would do it without a doubt. But this was still a bit too much.

Was she insane?

But at this thought, Emma's pupils passed a small flash of violet. She couldn't see it, but from the outside world, it seemed as if her entire demeanour changed. Her hesitation was slowly vanishing as the thought of her beloved big sis started to constantly ring in her mind.

And soon, her mind was clear of her previous heretical doubts.

All she had to do was worship her big sis. That's all she needed to do to help her not be with the other men.

Before she could let the goons notice her, she quickly chose a relaxed posture and a serious expression as she called out for the leader with the scar by his eye.

"Oi, I've got a job for you," She said as she called out the buzz-cut leader with the scar.

Immediately, the men surrounding the leader stopped talking as they glared at Emma.

The leader slowly turned his head away from a companion of his and looked at the stupid girl before him with a blank look.

No one said anything. All they did was just look.

And in that leader's blank look, there was a hint of anger.

"Who the hell do you think you are to call me with an 'oi', tramp?" The leader said with a slightly breathy voice as he got off his seating place and stood up in front of the small girl who arrived before her.

Disregarding being called a 'tramp', Emma steeled her nerves as she looked at the leader's tight eyebrows with her own narrowed gaze.

Not changing her previous tone, she spoke to the bandit and she said, "Like I said I have a job for you. And the payment is something you'll like."

Hearing the word 'payment' the man's face relaxed slightly, but he still felt the rage from before as he asked tentatively, "What kind of reward is this?"

Without any hesitation, Emma took a step back as her expression tensed up. But she still raised her chin as she said only one sentence.

"A way out."


In between the tents and some wooden pillars, a lively woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful countenance walked through the mini-streets as she held a basket of flowers and fruits in her hands.

But juxtaposed to her friendly and blissful appearance, she was thinking about things that would lead others to question her sanity.

'Okay, I've got myself set up perfectly. Defenceless? Check. Alone? Check. Phil in surroundings? Check! Now I've just got to wait and let the bad guys descend upon me.' Sarah thought inwardly with no emotion, while her outward persona just showed her naivety and purity in the form of a beautiful young woman with sparkling blue eyes and blond hair.

Before choosing her appearance, Sarah had been stuck between a rock and a hard place when she was thinking of a name that fits with the theme of her new persona.

And that is when she had an epiphany and chose; Sophia!

It wasn't particularly important what name she chose, but she just wanted to make sure it sounded nice either way. A woman's intuition was scary when it came to the small things. So subconsciously, she decided to at least choose a fitting name.

Now, nodding to herself at the ingenuity of her chosen name for the persona, Sarah walked down the wooden pillars until she saw a group of men walk out of an alleyway with some ropes, and handcuffs in hand.

And the leader of that group was a man with a buzz cut and a scar on his eye.

Seeing the scar, ropes, and cuffs, Sarah knew who these people were.

'Guess the 'bad guys' have already arrived.'

'Now it's time to call for the hero.'

Beginning with her act, Sarah turned around to look at the men that had appeared behind before she outwardly froze at the sight of the cuffs and ropes.

But instead of saying anything, Sarah stood there with confusion plastered on her face as if she didn't know what was happening.

Then, as if just noticing the intimidating appearance of the group, she gave a short yelp as she dropped everything in her hands and started running.

"Oi! Don't let that tramp get away!" The scarred man shouted to his men as he gave chase to the retreating Sarah.

Now, even though Sarah was a young woman that was being chased by big, burly men, her cultivation made this situation a laughable matter.

In fact, with her current state, she could run twice as fast as the men chasing after her! Even though her Law didn't particularly increase her strength, it still did increase it by at least a little bit. She was much better than the average person in this world regarding strength and endurance at the very least in her current realm.

Especially her endurance, since her Law made her endurance increase by a lot for each Realm of cultivation. Being a Seductress requires a lot of stamina. Especially in certain 'activities' of the night.

But regardless of her current thoughts on the matter, at this moment she was seemingly running for her life in the perception of the men chasing after her. And they were getting more riled up the closer they reached her at every turn.

After a minute or so of running, Sarah slowed down as if she was getting exhausted and stopped in the middle of a field far away from the previously wooden pillars being erected.

And while this was happening, two young men stopped in their tracks as they looked at the beautiful woman stumbling onto the ground as she breathed heavily from exhaustion.

Yes, these two men were Anthony and Phil.

Feeling the gaze of the men upon her, Sarah picked up her head and looked into the naive green eyes of the young man. She looked at him with a pleading expression.

"Please help me." She said with a broken voice as she completely ignored the man standing beside Phil as if he didn't exist at all.

And as soon as she said those words, Sarah's eyes flashed a smooth violet for an instant, right at the moment she brought Phil into an illusion of her making.

[Temptress' Illusion has been used!]

[-150 MP!]

[A highly effective illusion has been used! Chances of success: 93%]

As the illusion took effect, Sarah used the illusion to make her figure look pitiful as she made her clothes seem torn and dirty as if she had been thrown to the floor in her attempt to escape.

In his view, he saw that the gang members that chased after Sarah had lustful expressions as they held dirty ropes, and rusty handcuffs in their hands.

Of course, this was not reality. This was only an illusion.

But it still gave the desired effect.

Phil walked forward and went to pick up Sarah by giving his hand like a gentleman.

Sarah looked at his hand for a moment, before taking it with a smile.

But in the illusion, it was a tear-stricken smile.

Even though the actions weren't that different from reality, a simple change in perception could change everything in how the person views their world.

And Sarah had used it to its full effect.

After picking Sarah up from the ground, he brought her to a small wooden block nearby and sat her there. After doing that he saw the upcoming gang members with furrowed brows and narrowed eyes.

He had just seen a maiden in distress. Crying as she panted on the floor with wounded feet and dirty clothes.

There was no way he could ignore that!

Soon, the gang members reached Phil's and Anthony's location as they eyed the smirking Sarah with disdain before looking at the two men by her side questionably.

The gang leader came forward with a frown and pointed at Sarah, "Move it. She's our target, we have nothing to do with you two."

After saying this the gang leader waited for the two men to move.

But all he got in return was a scoff.

Anthony looked at them with a sneer, "Look at them, Phil. They're so scared of taking on just two people even though they have a group behind them."

"Ain't that pathetic?" He said with a mysterious smile to his precious friend.

With his slight violet-green eyes, Phil nodded as he took out his sword.

"Yeh, guess all they can do is just snatch hard-working women from their tents." He said as he raised it and went forward with slow steps.

Seeing Phil approach him, the gang leader looked at the two with a bored expression before he brought out his axe and held it with two hands, "Alright boys, stay back."

Then almost immediately as he said that, his eye darkened as he growled his order, "I'll deal with this munchkin myself!"

After saying that, he brought his axe forward and swung it towards Phil with a vengeance!

Seeing the oncoming swing, Phil ducked with his sword pointed forward as he immediately charged forward with a thrust once his opponent missed.

"Fuck!" Seeing Phil being so aggressive, the scarred man quickly stepped back as he brought his vambrace forward between the thrusting sword and his exposed chest.


As Phil's sword struck against his vambrace, the scarred man lifted his leg and gave a kick to Phil's thighs to try and incapacitate him.

But as soon as he realised his sword was blocked, Phil took a quick step back and lifted his sword at the bottom of his chest to keep his lower body safe.

With this kind of impressive footwork, Phil took another step back as he measured the distance between his opponent and himself.

'Tch, damn noble swordplay,' The scarred man thought with disdain before he disengaged from the battle and put his axe away.

"Boys, we're done here." He said as he had finished the mission that he was told to do by the petite girl from before.

Once he said so, he gave one last look at Sarah and gave a threatening glare, before throwing a glance at Anthony who just stood there as if nothing had happened.

Seeing the scarred man disengage and walk away, Phil gave a small sigh before he sheathed his sword and looked at the trembling Sarah with a gentle look.

"Are you okay?" He asked in worry.

After she checked the illusion still had not worn off, Sarah shook her head in denial. Refusing to say anything.

Seeing her not calm down, Phil was about to say something before Anthony interjected.

"Look, Phil. She is in danger now. Even if those gangsters leave now it's not like they won't come back for her later."

"If you send her back it will just go horribly for her," Anthony said before stepping back as he waited for an answer from his friend.

Immediately after Anthony said that Phil took a contemplating stance.

'Should I send her to the Lieutenant then?' He thought as he stood in the field while his eyes slowly lost the lustre of the illusion from before.

Not willing to wait, Sarah said stutteringly, "No, please take me with you. I can't sleep alone tonight."

Then after a moment of pause, she said, "Won't you take me, good sir?"

And as soon as he heard this Phil looked at Sarah with a bewildered expression. The violet in his eyes rapidly blinked for a second before completely disappearing from his pupils.


Just a teensy weensy bit late on the newest chapter. (Lie) But it's not like I won't continue writing. (Truth)

Anyway sorry for the late chapters. I've just been thinking of ways how I can write this story a bit better, because I have apparently written myself into a ditch. I've made up plot points completely unnecessarily, and I have set up some other plots that I have no way of delivering with my current amount of skills.

I'd lost confidence in what I was writing...

But now it's different! Even if it's hard I'm going to try writing the plot points I've set up. And it's probably going to be badly executed as well. But if it turns out well? Well, I got lucky and I should be proud and happy about that.

Anyway, sorry for the long rant for whoever was reading this. Imma see you guys on the next one.

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