THE CAT EYED QUEEN (Secret of the past) Book

novel - Fantasy

THE CAT EYED QUEEN (Secret of the past)


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Qin Huifei is a powerful Queen. She is the ruler of the Republic of China. She was beautiful no doubt but no one could describe her beauty because they had never seen her face but then she was special because of her eyes. She had cat like eyes and very long gray hair, that was her distinct feature. She was extremely proud and she ascended the throne after her parents death since they didn't have a son. Yet as a lady, she was very powerful. She was powerful enough to gain the respect of the world's greatest power like the Russians, American, Britain. But one thing was that she was cold hearted and very arrogant, watching her parents killed right in front of her made her so cold. And to add to it, her face was never seen because she always wore a veil wherever she goes. But one day, somebody unexpected saw her, saw her eyes and her life changed. More to it, she was special but she didn't know how special she was.


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