The School Love Story
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The School Love Story when i was 16 year old


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This story about my school life love story. I was very young when i am going to a new school admission. When i see a lady with a big smile, i loved at first side(time,sight). I want to talk with him but i am new student so nobody can talk with me and that time i am looking not so good so i am nervous to talk with him. 6Month later Our school organize so project work, we participate in. Then i am slowly going to close and want to talk him but she is not interesting on me. I am sad and friends call me Rajesh come here and art this pictures. okay i am coming (said in low voice) and making art, my friend said wow its a beautiful, nice art. She come and seen my art and start to talk with me. story is beginning If you loved this story comment, share, subscribe


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