"You want me to be your man?"

Kevin facepalmed after he heard the unpredictable question. 'Even at a time like this, this burly man can still joke?' He wondered in his heart.

And, you know what was the worst part of that joke? The worst part of that joke was Kris's expression. How could he joke with such a solemn expression?

The young scientist still remembered how the werewolf also joked and made him stunned a few months ago. He had learned from the previous experience, and he wouldn't easily be tricked again by the cunning werewolf.

"I know you have super sensitive hearing, so it's not possible for you to misheard what I just asked. Please be serious, Kris. It's not the right time to joke around."

Kris could only sigh when he saw Kevin in serious mode. "Why did you ask me to be your specimen? That was crazy!" He sneered at the young scientist.

That was indeed crazy, and Kevin knew very well about that. "Yes, I'm indeed crazy," he answered confidently. "I originally wanted to use the body of the latest werewolf victim as a specimen, but there were some obstacles that didn't let me do that. That's why I need you to be my specimen."

Kris stared at Kevin in disbelief for a few seconds, but the next second he laughed out loud. "Have you forgotten how the relationship between humans and werewolves is?" He asked between his laughter. "Humans and werewolves are eternal enemies. How could you—a human, ask a werewolf to be your specimen? That doesn't make sense!"

Instead of laughing along, Kevin still stared at Kris with a serious gaze. 'It's not a joke, and it's not funny,' he thought.

"Didn't I say that not all werewolves are bad?" Kevin then asked again.

That question made Kris stopped laughing and now he smiled sarcastically at the man who had just thrown him a question.

With a tone full of disdain, he replied, "Yes, you did say that a few months ago, but don't you remember what you said to me last night? You said that even though you have that kind of opinion, it doesn't mean that I'm one of them. How could you easily lick your own spit?"

Kevin was stunned by Kris's words. He almost forgot his harsh words last night. Last night, he was too shocked after he knew the truth about Kris's true identity. He couldn't think straight at that time, and he just said what he wanted to say without filtering it first. He was just too afraid of Kris—the werewolf.

"That was my opinion last night, but today I changed my mind," Kevin finally defended himself.

Kris smiled sarcastically at the defense again. "You changed your mind so quickly just because you needed my body for research material, not because you trusted me that I wasn't a bad werewolf!"

Kevin was once again at a loss for words and was hurt by the other man's sarcasm. But, he knew that it was Kris who got hurt even more after he expressed his real intention.

Kris must have been offended by what he said last night, and today the wound got worse when he assumed that Kevin just wanted to take advantage of him.

He still remembered how last night he treated Kris coldly after he found out the latter's real identity. Last night, he noticed Kris's distressed expression, but he pretended like he didn't see it and kept acting heartless until Kris left his house.

Kevin was self-conscious. He realized that he was too selfish. In his heart, he couldn't completely trust Kris, but he still came to Kris today just because he needed the werewolf's help.

Kevin was an asshole, and he knew very well about it. How shameless he was to come uninvited in this place just because he was so desperate?

After he considered all the things, Kevin decided to forget that bad intention. He knew that Kris had no obligation to help him, and he couldn't force the young werewolf to change his mind.

'I will just follow Andre's idea to come to the victim's family and beg them to let us examine the victim's body,' he made a final decision.

Before he hastily came to the hotel, he scolded Andre when the latter gave him that kind of idea. But, he was so desperate now, and he probably will use his colleague's crazy idea. It was possible that it would be rejected by the victim's family, but he didn't have any better idea for now.

Kevin was confused now, and he had absolutely no other alternative than that. He only knew that he couldn't use other people to achieve his goals. In silence, Kevin finally returned to focus on the medicines in his hands.

Without saying anything, the black-haired man continued to treat the wounds on Kris's body. His hands were trembling a little, but as much as possible he tried to finish what he had started. He had hurt Kris's heart, and at least he could help to heal the wounds on the taller man's body.

On the other hand, Kris was stunned by Kevin's actions. He thought his words would offend Kevin and the human would leave the place angrily, but he was wrong. The scientist didn't continue their argument and just silently went back to treat his wounds.

Kevin still treated the wounds gently without showing the slightest sign of anger even though Kris had been rude to him.

The werewolf couldn't understand the human's way of thinking. He could only stare at the human's face that looked very focused now. He was very focused on treating the wounds that he didn't notice the werewolf's indescribable gaze.

"It's finished," Kevin suddenly broke the silence in the room. His hands deftly cleared the first aid kit on his lap. "You have to go to the pharmacy to buy bandages after this, and don't forget to change the bandages yourself."

Kris just remained silent as he saw Kevin got up from the bed and tidied up his personal belongings on the table. The werewolf then turned to stare at Kevin's handiwork on his neck and arms.

The white bandages were wrapped neatly over the wounds. Now Kris knew where Blue learned how to take care of other people's wounds. She must have learned the skill from Kevin.

After finished tidied up his belongings, Kevin turned to face Kris again and said, "Just forget what I said. That's not important for you, anyway. I also apologize if my words offended you. Take care of yourself and make sure to never get hurt again. I'm leaving."

As per what he just said, Kevin then turned around and immediately walked away from Kris, who was still pensive on the bed. He was about to reach the bedroom door when his ears heard a voice from behind.


That was Kris's husky voice. Kevin's footsteps stopped after he heard the familiar voice. Even though his feet stopped moving, but Kevin was reluctant to turn around to face Kris.

"I'm willing to be your specimen."

And finally, that one short sentence automatically made Kevin turn around. Kris thought he would immediately see the joyful expression on Kevin's face, but he was wrong again. The expression on Kevin's face actually looked bitter and full of misery.

"Kris, I know that my words had offended you, but I swear that I didn't mean to hurt you. You don't have to force yourself to help me. I admit that I can't completely trust you yet, but I don't want to take advantage of you either. We should just pretend that the conversation never took place, okay? I'm leaving."

Kevin turned around and was about to open the door, but suddenly his arm was pulled from behind as he was forced to turn around again. In a blink of an eye, he faced the figure of Kris, who had been standing up and grabbed his arm since some time ago. The werewolf held him tightly so that he didn't go away.

"I want to help you, and I don't care whether you are taking advantage of me or not! I just want to lessen your burden. Just for you!"

The human was surprised to hear the werewolf's words. Moreover, Kris showed a very solemn expression. There was no trace of joke on his face, and every inch of his face screamed earnestness.

Kris's hand on Kevin's arm fell off, and he rubbed his face with his rough palm. "I think it's time for me to stop pretending," he suddenly stated ambiguously, creating a question mark in Kevin's head.

"What do you mean by stop pretending?" The young scientist finally asked with a face full of curiosity and confusion.

Kris stared into Kevin's eyes intently, trying to convince himself that this was the right time to say it all.

After he took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, he then replied, "I was never on the werewolf side. From the start until now, I'm always on the human side."

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