The Billionaire's Genius Wife

Author: PurpleLight
Contemporary Romance
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What is The Billionaire's Genius Wife

Read The Billionaire's Genius Wife novel written by the author PurpleLight on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering r18, comedy, mystery, villain, genius. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[Completed] Scarlett's world collapses when she is drugged and forced to marry an old, filthy-rich widower with five children. Trying to escape her seemingly unavoidable trouble, she accepts a one-year contract marriage offer to a mysterious man. He promises this will get her out of her hostile-arranged marriage problems. She took the offer. If everything goes well, she will be a free and independent woman in one year. However, many things take an unexpected turn. The contract marriage made Scarlett's life feel like she was riding a rollercoaster—a mix of excitement and exhilaration, dreaded inferno, and joyful heaven. Get ready for a captivating tale that will keep you hooked from beginning to end, unraveling the enigmatic secrets of Scarlett's life. ******* Only a crazy person would accept his offer. And right now, she does not fall into that category. Her mind is still sane. "Please don't get me wrong. I'm just trying to help myself. And at the same time helping you." Scarlett was even more confused. "I know my problem is complicated. But, I think being married to a man I just met, without love, feels weird..." She said. "This is not a real marriage but a contract marriage that you can set up to your advantage. And also mine." Scarlett listened silently; inside, she was shocked and a bit perplexed. Xander crossed his arms over his chest while looking into Scarlett's eyes. He continued, "As I said before, I will help you, and at the same time, you will help me. I don't need to explain what my problem is. But, I assure you, if you agree to do a contract marriage with me, then your problems will be solved. So what do you think!?" Scarlett was in no hurry to speak. "So I can put any clauses I want in the contract?" The man nods, saying, "As long as it doesn't hurt me." She offered a handshake to Xander, "Okay. You got a deal!" ____ Another Tags: #Revenge, #Hacker #Villain #Comedy, #Action, #Assassin, #Genius, #Romance, #DotingHusband ____ Author Novel: 1. DAMN! I FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM (Completed) 2. The Bride Of Immortal Crown Prince (Completed) 3. Rebirth: Dancing In My Destiny (Completed) 4. The Billionaire's Genius Wife (Completed) 5. Rebirth As The Vampire Lord's Wife (Completed) 6. My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back _____ How to contact me: >> Instagram account: authorpurplelight >> Join my Discord Server: https://bit.ly/purplelightserver _____ Notes: This book cover belongs to the author; please do not reuse it. _____ The Billionaire's Genius Wife is mainly published on Webnovel.com and a select few platforms affiliated with the website's parent company.

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Hi, this is PurpleLight the author of this book. This book is participating in the "Romance Carnival" competition so please support me 🥰😘 I would write some wow factor about this book (The Billionaire’s Genius Wife) 👇👇 1. Scarlett (FL) is a strong female lead. She is not the type of woman who depends on men. Besides being a genius in the computer tech field, she also has many talents. You will know what her talent is as the story progresses. 2. FL and ML interactions will be exciting. Lots of blissful moments, sorrow, and laughter that accompanied their wedding. For you who like romance, don't worry, there will be romance too in this story like my others books 🤭😜 3. Many other characters that will make you curious about them too. 4. And many more… 👩‍💻😍 Thanks to my loyal reader, who is now reading this book too ❤ And for the potential readers who are currently reading this review, hurry up, try reading a few chapters. I hope you will like my new couples; Scarlett Piers & Xander Riley. Once again, thank you for supporting me. I am nothing without you guys. Love you all ❤😍 Xoxo, Purple Light ❤


I started reading this book and it has kept me reading chapter after chapter forgetting to write any comments. It had me wanting to reading to see what will happen next. good story line.


Absolutely love this booked. Hooked from start to finish.


Authornim, I like this book too; fast pace hate and love relationship and FL is not weak. I can't wait to see FL and ML romance. Best of luck in the competition. Support my fav author as always.


Woohooo... I came here because I read another book by this author. And, I immediately fell in love with Scarlett and Xander. I will continue read this one. Good luck in this contest...


I really love the story the characters are really good can't wait for the book to be completely finished so that I can read it all. Is able to go and vote a golden ticket for this book I hope it gets to the top.


Inteliigent people are usually modest people like genius wife.


Livro excelente. Leitura empolgante. Recomendo.


I started liking it it's like giving goosebumps to my hand while reading it


story is well written the character of the female lead is independent and strong the male character is good it shows his loyalty to his wife. scarlet is accepted by his family inspite of her coming from a ordinary family always rich accepts girls from rich families to be their daughter in law


I would say that this story is lovely to read, simple and sweet female lead who is not stupid. She is a strong person! And gets paired with another equally strong person. Still waiting for both of them to accept their feelings towards each other though!


sooo nice to read, as what the writer wrote, it enhances wild imagination, the plot and twist ,so soreal, I really like this book, so happy for u, purple light, continue writing good novels.


usually novels will have dumb or naive FL but here she is a strong lady but initially shown like she is physically weak. But the only thing which i didn't like is that she blindly says yes to ML for all the orders. if she is in such a high position she will have little attitude. i haven't read completely maybe i will love the book. but i liked the female lead character role strong and wise. no feeling for ML so far.


Thanks for this great Novel. I love it 🥰


So far I am loving this. Hoping to see more of a good novel and story development without losing the interest of the readers. 😊


i really like this book and i hope young master rex will stay like brother to her as i feel there gonna be some bad omens. .and i don't wanna lose good person


Intriguing main characters! All chapters, so far, are captivating. Hoping some comedic chapters as we go along next chapters. If you like no-cheesy romance, this book will suit you.


This is the second book I read from this author and I love it. The FL is not a weak type of woman but smart and idenpendent. But, for the ML 😵. Authornim, please don't tell me, you will torture us with two ML 🧐😅


Very well written! I like the way ML and FL interact. And that strong and mysterious main female character kept me reading until now. Nice job author, keep uploading more ch, pls. Thanks.


Love this book Love the story about a hidden strong genius FL. Thanks Author!


I really loved it. Story is amazing. As expected from the author we loved. you never disappointed us with ur stories. Thq so much for your hard work and providing us with ur novels. I strongly recommend this book for the readers. We try all our wats to support you. .Its amazing


Even though I am still in the early chapters, I want to say that this book is quite promising. I like the sassy FL and cold ML type of story :D. I can't wait for the next chapter. Good luck Authornim :)


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