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The Author is an Extra, The MC is a Reincarnator


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Another new series from Raizar. Though I admit I expect a good story, this one is better than my expectation. I have worked with him before, and I can say that he always made a good story with deep plot. Even if the start is a bit confusing, he will always explain it in the future chapters. I will say that I am looking forward to this story. The first 15 chapters are good, I am hooked by it. The idea of the Author (MC) making the MC (Side Character) suffer to make him stronger and leave the matter of saving the world to him is new in this kind of novel. Usually the MC will


First of all, what caught my attention in this novel is the Main Character and plot. The Main Character is unlike the others. He wanted to make the main character (a reincarnator) suffer to save the world, it seems. The Main Character is not only strong, but also cunning. He always plan almost everything ahead, and didn't solve everything with brute force. He's strong, but not too overpowered. The plot also hooked me with its new take from this kind of novel. It doesn't only circling around the Main Character, instead all character and their thought are fleshed out, so we can understand the plot better. It also doesn't revolve in one place, a dungeon, or something. It's honestly interesting. The writing is also good, as the author said he has 4 editors. The update stability is daily with the chapters length longer than most novel in this site


Some people complaint I didn't make it clear even though I put a warning at the end of chapters 50. So I will tell you clearly. THIS IS DROPPED, DON'T READ IT THE REASON? I PUT IT IN MY DISCORD TO AVOID SOME... COMPLICATIONS. That is all


Shameless Review from the Author. First of all, This novel is inspired from The Novel's Extra and Max Talent Player. This is one of my Entry for WSA, being the second a novel with title 'EX-Tier Loser' There is something that you must know. 1. English is not my first language, but this novel is been Proofread and Edited by 4 of my wonderful people on my discord. 2. It's Weak to Strong MC. The Story is a bit slow in the first half when in the Academy, but the pace will become normal fast. 3. Each chapters is around 1500-2000, and the update is daily. 4. Romance... I don't know yet. Let's see the future~ I don't like spoiling, but I don't plan on making harem in this one.


GOOD NOVEL this is recommended even better than "Author Pov" Novel if I think this novel was so good and explain it clearly unlike other novel like the author reincrated into their own stories then this story you can consider it as a master piece not was truly cliche villain but a better and the author explain it clearly unlike other I didn't explain it clearly even though they explain it clearly as they though. this novel you can consider it as a unique novel that I haven't read. Btw I have 3 years of reading experience this is not wuxia or xianxiia or isekai or a cliche main character and not sadistic type and the world background is so excellent and the story development is masterpiece if the author this story did not rush make it cliche and the character design is good or excellent for me and the writing quality is masterpiece even me i haven't find incorrect writing quality


update please :( btw tysm for the novel it's a great one love it chloee is adorable.. ...........................................................


Well the novel is good and you can give ita read. No seriously it's as good as Author's POV, atleast for me. MC(Vincent) is cunning, smart, manipulative & a realist(and it's enough to make me read it). P.S.-- No Cringy Harem so far~~


the author of this story died because of truck-kun and he is living in England so yeah as I heard. Yeah this story is dropped and there was no one will gonna continue the story


good novel this is recommended read it and try it. If you hate villain genre but I think it was better not to read the genre because it was quite misleading because it was like other novel but the other novel has no villain so that. But I recommend to all if you redesr because world back ground is excellent quality and updating stability and character design and story development


Its a great novel love it it has its own unique story line everything makes sense and is never boring tbh top 10 best in my list i hope the author does not drop the novel :D


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Okay so I'm on chapter 7 and I came up with a their and please don't confirm whether this is right or wrong but so leave your thoughts on whether this is plausible or not and other theories. So onto the theory I think that the whole of the concept of Vincent making his mc started out as such, a concept and overtime progressively evolved into something of an obsession since in the beginning it states that he had 17 hours to spend on his novel meaning he had little to no interaction to the outside and I also noticed that in one paragraph he says that he wanted to find out what happened to his "body" and not like, his parents or any other connections he would of had back on "Earth" assuming if he did come from earth. So share your thoughts and your theories by replying below if you can reply or something like that idk. CCB out :)


I am too lazy to review So the reason I'm giving 5 star:- –No harem –Mc's character –Mc's relationships with other characters –World's power system –favourite character so far is Chloe –again No harem #Vincent‹X›Chloe


this novel where the author gets transmigrated into their own novel is unique. instead of wanting to live a peaceful life and try not to get involved the plot. this story is different the mc is quite crazy but relatable. you won't regret reading it


this book is amazing like woah like the concept of people going into novels isnt orginal but never has there been two people and the mc is also kinda strong not like every other transmigrated as a extra novel and the mc is smart boi but he is kinda a emotional perosn sometimes


This is good tho gotta say like the penalty of using arash bow from death to mana exhaustion is kinda senseless for me i mean it is reduced tooo mucch for such a op item well rest all is very good just the sense of op things are kinda broken


love the book it is kinda under rated it needs more support i guess prob due to its title like when i search reincarnated or extra it doesn't show up it should get in recommended people do love it oh and I love Chloe awww❤️


Great characters, and plot is super interesting. Interesting dynamic of having a sadist like main protagonist, interacting with a generic reincarnator trope.


The Mc is more of a anti-hero than a villain. Maybe he will do something villainous later on but right nothing to back up that villain tag.


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