The Alpha's Powerful Mate Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Alpha's Powerful Mate


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Crystal Snowheart is the Luna of the famed Snowheart Pack of Werewolves. Known to have directly descended from the Moon Goddess, the pack was known for their unique healing qualities and the only werewolves able to change their scent, almost making them invincible in a battle. She was born to unify all the packs and bring about a peaceful reign. But before she could inherit her place, her pack is killed by betrayal, leaving the Luna with no pack. Ace Hunter is the most feared Alpha. Having killed his own father as a young teenager, he became the Alpha of the ferocious Moonhunter Pack even before his wolf appeared. And now, ten years later, there is no one who can stand up to this wolf without quivering in their boots. But, he is the only one who can help Crystal get the revenge she thirsts for. So, will she be able to meet his many demands? Abstract: "You want my protection?" Crystal raised her chin, refusing to back down, " I want your co operation!" Ace smiled at the stubborn tilt of her chin and leaned back in his chair. "And what do I get in return?" "What do you want?" Crystal questioned archly. Ace chuckled at the haughty attitude, wondering if she would keep this up when he stated his conditions... Walking forward, he leaned down as she stared into his eyes and spoke, " I want you...my mate." Before she could accept or reject his demand, Ace closed the distance between them and took her lips in a kiss that almost scorched them both...


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