The  Adventures of Naruto & Scarlet
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The Adventures of Naruto & Scarlet


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What is The Adventures of Naruto & Scarlet

The Adventures of Naruto & Scarlet is a popular web novel written by the author BlueObserver, covering NARUTO, FEMALE-PROTAGONIST, REBIRTH, FANFICTION, SASUKE X OC, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.4M readers with an average rating of 4.79/5 and 67 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 118 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Scarlet Thompson, the best secret agent present in the earth, loses her life due to betrayal. Due to a large amount of good karma accumulated by her, God gives her a second chance to live again. Watch as Scarlet Uzumaki wreaks havoc in the elemental nations and rise to the peak of the world Naruto does not belong to me I'm only borrowing the characters from Masashi Kishimoto, only Scarlet belongs to me it's my first time so, kindly pardon me for any errors I used the cover page from Google pictures, hope the real owner does not mind.


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Author here hope you liked the story till now , I'll try describe fights better from now on as I felt action was little lacking . Please comment any improvements you would like me to make in the story


Very good book with outstanding vocabulary . The story progress is rather slow not that I m8nd though. Hope to see an OP mc and would like to see the combination of scarsasu


Good novel, although it is slow paced it is good to read , looking forward to ice release Scarlet . have to crimson red hair and ice release together give a diffrent feeling though


Author here i plan to make pairing as sauske x Scarlet so for all the sasusaku fans hope you'll forgive me for this pairing. Hope you enjoy the series


Good story, keeping to the main one with some minor(maybe major later) additional details. The writing does need a bit more work but overall it is very good. Keep up the good work.


This book keeps getting better and better I can’t stop reading it so please keep writing this book and please write the next chapters soon so I’ll be able to read it thank you 🙏📖🙏📖🙏📖🙏📖🙏📖🙏📖🙏📖🙏📖


Author here, shamelessly voting for my book, hope you all will like it . I plan to go with usual naruto story with some modifications this is my first story hope you pardon my lack of creativity . I will strive to improve slowly


This is the worst thing I’ve ever read in my life .............................................................................................


I saw «  the best secret agent in earth » and couldn’t help but make a bad review. It is overused ! We had the best doctor, the best mercenary, the best soldier, the best gamer..... What’s next ? The Best baker get reincarnated ?!


Good novel i have always wanted to read a proper naruto fanfiction bust in most of the books the mc just surpasses sage of six paths and goes to other anime world . Proper naruto fanfiction can be counted on fingers . Thank you for your hard work


Hello Blue, I'm being a little shameless here. I have been reading your novel and it inspired me to do my own fan fiction. I don't own a word program and am to lazy to constantly correct my grammar. Even though English is my second language since my family speaks Spanish. Like others have said love the constant updates but feel them a little short and sometimes u need more dialog. Then again I do the same sometimes on my new novel. I want you to check I out and give me your opinion about chapter if possible based on story not grammar since I know I mess up here and there. Here is the link of my fanfic. Usually based on 3rd point of view, 1st point of view and the thoughts of the main character. I have not done much about point of views of other characters. The name of the fanfic is Reborn as a Sarutobi in the Shinobi world. Or something similar to it. It doesn't have a picture. I still trying to figure out how to do that and it's been months. Damn phone making everything hard. Sincerely: IntactReincarnator


already watched boruto: naruto's next generation? boruto is son of naruto and in episode 129, he travels to the past shortly after sasuke leaves the village to train with orochimaru, when he goes to the past, he ends up meeting his father: naruto, the mother: hinata, anyway everybody very young. I would like to know if you are going to create a chapter based on this episode. I don't know if you've watched it, if not, you can read a review ... just the fact that escarlet meets his nephew ahead of time ...


It's awesome because I've been searching about naruto that has a lovesick Uchiha Sasuke and a new character/s that can change the shinobi world


I have a best story i have ever read , as I am new to fan fiction . I am a huge fan of Naruto , looking forward to a female lead fiction which is rare among Naruto fanfiction


It's a good novel, but hope that author releases more chapters, looking forward to ice release and hope you can make Sasuke's charecter a little better so Tha he will be compatible with scarlet


This book keeps getting better and better but could you increase the number of chapters released per day . I hope you add more changes like you did to the preliminary rounds


Good novel but the author doesn't have enough experience , it's good for a starter though. Hope you change the storyline and not copy paste the original storyline


Good book , it's nice to read although it is a bit slow paced , hope it has good action description in future. looking forward to hyoton scarlet , thanks for the book


Good novel but I hope it does not have too op mc and world travel stuff . A normal Naruto story would be rather nice. Looking forward to ice release of scarlet and space power and hope a proper story for sasuscar


Good book but still need some experience in writing fights and add some direct speech. hope the story takes a different route compared to original story


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