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Technomancer in MCU

Chapter 1

– Nick Fury –

The Helicarrier control room

I did not need this.

"Hill,Sitrep"Limping slightly,I asked her.

"We have one engine down and another one on its last legs,sir."Hill Replied.

"Any chance we can reach New York before the aliens destroy the goddamned city?"

"Negative,Sir."She grimaced.

"Updates on the team?"Sighing,I asked.

"Thor and Banner are both MIA.Iron Man was last seen fighting against the incoming alien horde in a new suit and the Captain along with Widow and Barton are not far behind and should reach in time to provide reinforcements."

"How far are we from repairing all the damage to the comms?"

"Comms are back online along with full satellite uplink being restored soon."

"Keep looking for Banner and prepare to escort him to New York once he is found.I think we could use the abilities of our angry green friend effectively for once,"I said,turning around.


"Hmm?" I asked her,turning around.

"Sir,it's the council.They want a meeting."

"What are we waiting for then,set it up."

"Yes sir."

Just as I was about to head to the conference hall,all alarms started sounding up.

"Hill,this better not be another disaster in the making.What is going on?"I asked her.

"Sir,it's New York,multiple unknown bogies enroute,air and water sir."

This could not come at a worse time.

"Put it on the big screen and someone better identify who our uninvited guests are and how they were able to evade all trackers and get motherfu*ing jets in US Airspace without anybody knowing about it."

With the satellite uplink restored,we finally had some credible eyes on the battlefield.

All the stations were in a flurry of activity tracking what was apparently a small but very well equipped army coming to Manhattan.

The council was not going to be happy about this.Just thinking about it brings me a headache.

Palming my forehead,I asked"Any updates on Banner or Thor?"


"I am too old for this shit."Sighing,I Replied.


– ? –


The moment I heard that cursed sound,my eyes snapped open,adrenaline flooding my systems,instantly waking me up,despite my sluggish feeling body.

"Alfred",I spoke to my best buddy absentmindedly.


"Turn off the alarms and activate the NYC-2012 protocols."

A little hologram appeared in front of me with Alfred dressed in all his three-piece suit glory.

"Affirmative,sir."Bowing,he replied cheekily.

My AI had a sassy personality,go figure.

As the automatic routines kicked in,the nanites in the suit began moving my body for all my morning activities,carrying me across the rejuvenation chamber and into the command console pod.

It looked a lot like a rescue pod from outside but inside was a whole another story,containing technology that is in some cases,literally out of this world.

"Alfred,What's the current status?"

"....All command centres online"

"..Orbital launch platforms ready.."

"...Shieldbots launched….ETA-1 minute"

"....Rescue boats ETA-2 minutes 40 seconds"

"....Avengers suits prepped for launch.."

"...Multiple bogies enroute to the New Jersey Medical conference.."

"Alright.ETA on the avengers?" I asked Alfred.

"Currently,only Tony Stark is in the vicinity with 'America's Ass' along with Widow and Barton on their way on a Quinjet."He snickered.

"Not the time for jokes,Alfred" 


"What about Banner and Thor?"

"ETA unknown.Should I send escorts?" He asked.

"No need.Focus all resources on saving as many people as possible." I answered.

On the Screen I could see that while capable,Tony was vastly outnumbered there.

"Alfred,Why don't we show Mr.Stark what real armour looks like?"

"Yes!" Alfred replied giddily.

"I'll finally be able to show J.A.R.V.I.S. his place today" 

Alfred may have a teeny-tiny bit issue with Stark calling J.A.R.V.I.S. an AI.According to him,he is the only one true AI on the planet.

"Not the time Alfred,if possible coordinate with him for rescue operations.Remember they are going to be our future allies." I chastised him.

Gathering my thoughts,I get ready for the literal world-changing day ahead of me.

Sighing, "Alfred,initiate NEURALINK"


As I brace myself for the extrasensory perceptions that come part and parcel with connecting to the main systems,my thoughts go into conflicting directions regarding the operation ahead.

With Howard Stark's old Vita Ray research,I was able to create CHI tablets but revealing them to the world will come with its own sets of problems and expectations.

The sheer amount of outcry to distribute the stuff after the invasion would allow the politicians to steer the public opinion against me but importantly against the Avengers as well.

Sighing from the mental stress of it all,I order alfred "Activate BLEEDING-HEART protocols"

"Are you sure,sir?" asked Alfred.

"Yes,I'll deal with the fallout later,save the people first."

"Very well,sir."

Due to the nifty ability of the Neuralink,all this took less than a second.

Just in time,I could see the hilarious site of the armour just latching onto Tony's armour like a glowing goo.I could literally feel his confusion through the armour.

"Alfred,you did that on purpose,didn't you?"

"I don't know what you are talking about,sir.On a separate note,all of this is being recorded in posterity for research purposes."

Snorting,I replied "Yeah,right."

I watch on as S.H.I.E.L.D scrambles to get an appropriate response to an actual alien invasion happening in broad daylight in one of the most populated  cities of their main sponsor country.

On another screen,I could clearly see all the assets being  brought in from around the world,to NYC for the final showdown.

"Alfred,prep my suit for battlefield entry."

"Are you sure,sir? I am sure we can manage with all the resources—"

"Alfred,there's no turning back now.Besides,if we couldn't even handle the Chitauri what hope would we have against the incoming threats?"

"...Suit prepped and ready for launch,sir…"

As I look on,I find myself laughing over the repeating clip of Tony's confusion over the armour upgrade.

Alfred had designed them with minimal input from myself,back in my scavenging days.

It was sleek,aerodynamic which hugged the underlying Mark VII perfectly.A nanite mixture made from a cocktail of exotic materials like Vibranium for better durability along with unparalleled motion ranges.

I watch on as all the pieces I had painstakingly gathered in the short time I had fall into their respective places,just for this one event,for the world to finally learn the painful lesson that we are not alone and humanity as a whole needs to unite to have even a semblance of hope of winning against the threats that I know are on their way.

I just hope that the price paid in lives for the world to finally learn that we are not alone is not too high.


Word Count - 1225

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