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Tales of the Legendary Magus


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What is Tales of the Legendary Magus

Tales of the Legendary Magus is a popular web novel written by the author Belg4r, covering REINCARNATION, MAGICACADEMY, MAGIC, FANTASY, MALEMC, ACTION, HIDDENGEM, WESTERNFANTASY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.4M readers with an average rating of 4.61/5 and 53 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 236 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Gold medalist of WPC#140! A magical school. A talented boy. Things should've gone perfectly, a talented magus should've been created within the walls of this school. Yet it is now, now that he is here that all these horribly dangerous events transpire. Traitors of the continent are hidden within the school. Mage supremacists are making their move. Schools will fall and cities collapse when the events begin unfolding. So what will become of this boy, wanted by both groups? Will he perish under their manipulative hands or will he rise and bring magic society to a new high? -------------- If you wish to support me you can do so by donating at www.patreon.com/belg4r perhaps then I won't have to go premium!


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Heya! Author here! I decided to give you some positives and negatives about the story to help you all decide if this story is for you. These points are a combination of my own opinion and comments from other readers. Positives: 1. Complex yet strict magic system: (Going to insert part of a review I've gotten from a beta reader) The magic system seems, at least on the surface level, to be quite strict and complex spells and mechanics are built on top of more fundemental and simpler rules and mechanisms. 2. Proper setup for future plots: (once more going to use one of these reviews) There's a whole lot of setup happening as is to be expected, and I expect that it will unfold into a sprawling tapestry of a hundred plotlines soon enough.... Now at this point some time has passed so this review is a little outdated. The first arc is completely finished and the second arc is in it's beginning stages. 3. Great worldbuilding: I believe worldbuilding is this novel's biggest strength shortly after the magic system. Even though it takes some time to be fully explained, there really is a whole, completely thought out, world out there. Both mortal and magical. 4. Proper strength system: This ties together closely with the magic system but this isn't a wuxia novel. Someone won't just be stronger because they cultivated for a hundred years longer. The strength increases in a logical way. 5: Character with different ideologies: Even though it takes time with my writing to get a proper feel for the characters, each character has their own desires and emotions, this isn't always the same as the emotions the MC feels. Over time you might see bridges begin to burn as different people's desires take them on different paths. 6. A large amount of hidden content: Even though it is by no means required, as an attentive reader you might spot a number of hints about the magic system. The magic system is very strict but not everything is completely explained, if you pay attention as a reader, you might have a chance of understanding the three laws behind magic before the MC does. Negatives: 1. Character with different ideologies: Even though I put this in positives, it also fits in with the negatives. Characters that don't agree with the MC at all times can be seen as annoyances by some readers. 2. Lack of character descriptions: As an author my main weakness lays in describing characters. I do my best to make my thoughts clear, sometimes this succeeds, sometimes this fails, causing it to take some time before completely understanding certain characters. 3. A small number of grammar mistakes: Every now and then I do make a typo, if you leave a paragraph comment I will surely fix this but still, some typos are unavoidable. 4. Not really an Isekai (putting another part of a beta reader's review here): If you like isekai, this will be a disappointment, but otherwise a good story. The MC could and should have been a talented native of his world because being from a different planet doesn't seem to have any bearing on the story whatsoever. Thank you all for reading this, I tried to be as impartial as possible.


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I came here in search for the most deserving winner of WPC140 because I participated in the previous one myself, and I'd like to see how well the participants are doing for this biweekly prompt. I'd say, among all entries, this one is the most deserving for the gold tier award. It doesn't disappoint. Writing - I love the style and the tone used for this. It's light, fun, and has a refreshing feel to it. I don't need to stress myself with grammar pet peeves because this has little to no error at all. Very understandable for a casual reader. Stability - very steady, keep it up Characters - gold-tier description, and they are really entertaining that they hardly make u bored Development - nice, nice pace. I enjoy the comedy and the seemingly easy flow of the story's progression World - vet vivid imagery, keep it up again! Good luck! Hope u win! Read this everyone!


This book is something else. The universe is extremely well constructed and I can see how it'll turn into an elaborate series. The main character is interesting, despite being a bit overpowered from the start. I'm really curious to see more of it!


Can anyone dislike a story that has the Legendary Truck Kun in it!? The answer is NO!! At least not me. Author, you've succeeded in gaining my interest from the very first chapter. I loved the way Villin is so composed when he dies as though him reincarnating and transmigrating is a given. MC is trying hard to learn about the new place he is in rather than being all-knowing and OP from the very start. Plus he's smart and has chosen his skills wisely. You've managed to get a few chuckles out of me so kudos to that! Will definitely continue to read more of your work in the future. Great Job!


Though the story seemed serious, there is comic relief in it making me laugh while reading it.. ..Good job author with a good world along with cute and interesting characters. .. I loved it. .


I am halfway through but I think i need to review it ASAP to let all readers know that this one this really good!! I love genres like this and truly this one is amazing! Good work Author! Keep it up!


In my last review, I wrote about the overall qualities of this book. These are unchanged - very good! Another aspect I would like to mention is "Plot-Armour". Don't expect such a thing in this novel! Main characters can be hurt, even badly and permanently and it is even possible for them to die - so there is no such thing as "Plot-Armour" in this book at all. (Which I like VERY MUCH!) Thanks to Bel for not serving such clichés here!


Wowowowow this is really a diamond in the rough!! Near the level of The Oracle Paths, one of my favorites! It sucked me in from like chapter 7 and i haven’t stopped reading since. Story is about magic, first and foremost and MC is talented and exceptional, though he definitely has to work for what power he gets. Magic is hella interesting and the twists and turns are actually surprising! Really like the characters so far, with only minimal one dimensional characters. KEEP IT UP AUTHOR!!


Please do more this is amazing and I cant wait for more this is one of the better novels on this app aNd its not trashy at all i hope there is more because i live this novel


Currently at chapter 31, the novel seems to be truly good. The school bits are great and even though I would like a bit more interaction between the characters Infully understand why there isn't. The teachers are great. As of right now with teachers such as professor Messen and Pompei just enough information is given to somewhat understand them while still having plenty of mystery and guessing. Thus far the combat is exciting but a true magical duel has yet to happen, lookong at how the story is progressing though it shouldn't be too far off. The pacing is probably the best part of the novelm Even though a bunch of new things keep getting introduced, nothing seems rushed. Everything seems to make sense as well. I hope at some point we will be able to see the Mortal world amd have some info on that front. Great job thus far author


Starts off very promising and very good and then degenerates into complete illogic with MC playing passive observer and just going along and not questioning anything and even agreeing with those who try to kill him! Really disappointing especially after it started SO well. MC also turns from guy who saved another life into guy who doesn't care if attempted murder is made on him since its 'school policy' and he is fine with it.


I may be lenient on my review but I truly appreciate the creativity the author had put into this novel overall along with the in-depth descriptions. Although I haven't read many novels, I know a unique story when I see one and this is definitely one of them. Loving the chapters! Keep it up!


So I'm reading thus far and all I can say is that the writing quality gets better as the chapter continues. You can really determine that this novel is more than decent and readable for most readers and I commend the author for doing this. The stability of updates may not be daily but as you can see from the dates, there are a couple of chapters released in a day so that is heavily compensated for those who released daily. The world-building is adequate, not rushed, or not slow. You can truly savor as though you're one of the adventurers in this novel! Thank you author for the job well done. Try my novel #Rise of Evil Sword God tag;- R-18,harem,action,romance, Xianxia


I really liked the description. I think the author did an excellent job in describing the scenes and all. Highly recommend!! Great job author!!!


Thank you author for your effort and this story. The story kept me going chapter after chapter. I have yet to finish hence picking it up to my reading list and dropping you my review. Here are my comments 1. The whole story built up is commendable - truly well done from the start of how villin witnessed the death of the boy’s parents and taken in by the Silver to how he was trained until he enter the academy. The background to him attaining the different level of knowlege of a magus is well described 2. Creativity in plot and ability to draw the description of scenes allowing users to visualise clearly. As i read the chapters i am able to visualize each scene clearly. Eg. how the academy looks like, the classes, the time when Villin touch the crystal to his awakening, the corridor to the classes, the battle between Aiden and Amelia, the attack from Rolland to Villin - i could visualise it clearly as a result of the vivid description including the “test” set out by Pompei for his students how the fire ball went towards Kayley and Villin. Also the part where Villin fixed the crystal holder in class. 3. Content structure. It takes a lot to think through the content for such magical realm and world - this is done well and delivered effectively by the author from the use of wands, to web nodes awakening to wandless curses and spells. The classes and grades and lessons that are taught - i enjoy reading and deciphering these content. 4. Peak and story climax - i am reading from competitive student battle (aiden and amelia, Villin and his oponent on crease and cut) more and more exciting part from attacks to battles and surprises - this leaves readers stuck on the narrative turning one chapter to another - good manouvering on the plot leaving trails of excitement here and there. Absolutely a must read for Harry Porter fans alike or magical fantasy - great built up of the entire world of magic. Look forward to read how Villin’s character will further evolve into and perhaps mega battle of the magical kingdom and forces to come. Good job author in putting in the effort for book. Keep up the good work!


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Story is very cliche but a cliche I love, it's a little different with the whole choosing aspect at the start. I also feel like you updated too much too quickly, space it out with one or two a day so you don't get worn out or dry up the story, good work though


This is one of the first webnovels O read but its the best so far, I dont know why its not in top 20


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