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Tales of Demons and Gods: Anime Skill


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Disclaimer: Tales of Demons and Gods is not mine, it belongs to Mad Snail. A high school boy xianxia fan dies in an accident (meets truck-kun) and is reborn in the world of Tales of Demons and Gods. How our MC is dealing with his latest life is changing his life. Born as a member of a large family. Will he follow the story line? Or Will he change the story line following his own. With the knowledge gained will our MCs become the strongest in the world? (Notice: MC won't have any advantages compared to others. Did I say MC doesn't have any advantages? ... HAHAHA ....... it's impossible our MC is weak, it's a fanfic. MC's strength is only luck. ) MC is a boy join patreon : https://www.patreon.com/UltimateDarkness I hope you like it, thank you.


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