15 Complete Trust

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He saw Zhou Yuan take out a new bag of seeds.

Fu Mengyu immediately frowned and looked over.

When she realized that the bag contained rice seeds, she was instantly furious.

This was because rice seeds were too precious and too difficult to grow!

If he could cultivate rice that was suitable for the current environment, he would be able to solve the food problem quickly.

However, even she had not been able to successfully cultivate rice.

Rice was much more precious than potatoes and sweet potatoes.

It is not easy for them to survive.

If potatoes and sweet potatoes were like rough men who grew crops...

Then rice would be the delicate young lady.

From the cultivation of seeds to the cultivation of seedlings, and finally to the transplanting of rice seedlings.

All of these segments had very high environmental requirements.

The most basic thing was that as the seedlings grew, the water requirement would also increase.

When it came to transplanting rice, it had to be a paddy field.

However, in the current situation, who could be so extravagant as to use drinkable water to get a paddy field?

If anyone did that, they would definitely be attacked by everyone.

They don't even have much water to drink, and someone was using it to plant rice?

Are you serious?

Therefore, this was also the reason why no one had ever planted rice before.

Fu Mengyu had the support of so many people, but she could only grow a small area of rice in her own experimental field which was less than one square meter.

This was also because she failed many times and was forced to stop.

She had no choice. It was a waste of both seeds and water.

As for using polluted water to make paddy fields?

Fu Mengyu had already tried, but it didn't work.

The potatoes and sweet potatoes could still be watered with a small amount of radiation-containing water.

However, rice needed to be constantly soaked in water, and it was not possible to use polluted water for long periods of time.

Therefore, when Fu Mengyu saw Zhou Yuan take out the rice seeds, she was shocked.

Her first thought was that the seeds were going to be ruined.

Her second thought was that he would waste a lot of drinking water.

However, because of her previous warning, she didn't dare to speak.

She was afraid that Zhou Yuan would really kill her.

However, when she saw Zhou Yuan casually hand the seeds over to his underlings, she was stunned.

After that, he asked his underlings to dig a simple ditch and then spread the seeds inside.

Fu Mengyu couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Do you even know how to plant rice?"

"How can you scatter the seeds like this? Even if it's not disinfected or treated..."

"Even so, we still need to make a nursery. Plant the seeds in a compact way to maintain water and nutrition."

"After the seedling grows up, then... Then..."

Fu Mengyu kept repeating the word "then" for a long time, but she still could not continue her sentence.

She looked at Zhou Yuan in fear, her body trembling uncontrollably.

Zhou Yuan said indifferently,

"What did I say yesterday?"

Fu Mengyu stuttered,

"You, you said you'll kill me if I keep talking."

Zhou Yuan patted Fu Mengyu's shoulder and said gently,

"The seeds have sprouted. I'm in a good mood today.

"I'll let you off this time.

"But don't do it again."

Zhou Yuan's tone was very gentle as if he was conversing with an old friend.

However, the cold aura that it emitted was filled with a sense of oppression.

Anyone who got patted on the shoulder by someone who had killed a butcher in public would be afraid.

Fu Mengyu nodded.

Zhou Yuan turned around in satisfaction.

However, at this moment, Fu Mengyu could feel the gloating and even mocking gazes from the people around her. She couldn't take it.

She felt like she had lost all her dignity.

Her head heated up, and she actually said,

"Even I didn't succeed in planting rice, so you are guaranteed to fail as well."

"I-I'm helping you to correct your mistakes. How can you still be so stubborn?"

"Just treat it as if I'm too talkative. It's really hard to reason with an ignorant person."

Fu Mengyu regretted her words as soon as she said them.

However, her stubborn personality allowed her to finish the next two sentences.

The result was Zhou Yuan turning around to slap her, causing her to faint.

This shocked the surrounding crowd.

One had to know this at this campsite.

The bearded butcher was the most powerful force.

However, Fu Mengyu was the most influential one.

Even the bearded butcher had to follow her wishes sometimes.

If one person offended the bearded butcher, they would also offend one power organization.

Perhaps there were still people who were willing to protect this person in order to fight against the bearded butcher.

However, if he offended Fu Mengyu, he would not be able to survive in this camp.

It was because all the bosses wanted to get closer to Fu Mengyu.

He could use this person as a gift.

Therefore, Fu Mengyu and the other teachers and students...

Although he did not have much power in the camp, he had a lot of influence.

Previously, Zhou Yuan had only threatened them, so they did not mind.

But now, Zhou Yuan had made his move.

For a moment, many people felt that something was going to happen.

With Fu Mengyu's personality, she would never let it go.

When the group of students saw that their teacher had been beaten up, they were instantly filled with righteous indignation.

"Ms. Fu is only expressing her opinion. Is there anything wrong with that?"

"She has every reason to scold you! What you're doing is wrong!"

"You're wasting the seeds, and you're going to waste drinking water too. How can you be so unreasonable?"

"Did you go to college? Have you learned anything related to agriculture?"

"Ms. Fu's advice is meaningful and sincere. It's fine if you don't appreciate it, but how dare you hit her?!"

"Ms. Fu is the hope of mankind. She's destined to cultivate a new variety of food in the future. If she's injured by you, you'll be the sinner of all mankind!"

"Don't think that you're so powerful and amazing just because you killed a few people!"

"There are so many of us here. If you have the ability, come and kill us all!"

One point of view was that once an individual joins a group, their intelligence would be gone.

Any decision or words would be affected by the entire group.

Zhou Yuan immediately agreed with this point of view.

This group of students probably thought that...

More people meant justice, and more people meant power.

Unfortunately, in this era, none of this was applicable.

However, Zhou Yuan simply turned around and flashed his dagger at the group of cowards.

Everyone carried Fu Mengyu and fled in a hurry, not daring to make a sound.

Zhou Yuan shook his head in disdain.

At the moment, growing food and preparing for the construction of the base was his priority.

He really didn't have the time to deal with this group of self-righteous people.

However, if she really angered him, it would be inevitable that this dagger would see blood again.

After chasing away the flies, Zhou Yuan returned to planting rice.

The onlookers also slowly dispersed.

However, everyone's expression was a little strange.

Seeing this, Zhang He whispered to Zhou Yuan,

"Mr. Zhou, I'm afraid this group of people are waiting to see you make a fool of yourself."

"You hit Fu Mengyu. That woman won't let you off."

"If you can grow rice, everyone might not fall out with you."

"If you can't grow rice, you might..."

Zhou Yuan did not even raise his head as he said indifferently,

"I'm not planting rice for anything else, I just want to fill my stomach."

"What other people think has nothing to do with me.

"If anyone dares to stand in my way, I'll chop off your hands and feet."

Zhang He did not say anything else.

Since he had decided to follow Zhou Yuan, he had complete trust in him.

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