Super Pet Nursery

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What is Super Pet Nursery

Read Super Pet Nursery novel written by the author RoadBlock92 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, system, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Petrian used to be a normal modern world when suddenly gates connecting to a dungeon that was filled with monsters appeared. After that, humans discover that they could capture the monsters and use them as pets to defeat other monsters. Since then, Petrian has become a world of pet tamer. A thousand years later, a Grade E city was ravaged by a strong monster and many people died. One of them was Lucas’s father. Not only that, Lucas was heavily injured but he miraculously woke up from a coma. When he woke up, he found out that he owned the Pet Nursery System. Lucas used the system and wanted to open the best pet nursery in the universe.

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Hello everyone. This will be my last message here. First of all, I have no intention at all to continue this story. Since I cannot delete the novel, I do some edit based on some opinion I get from asking around because I am afraid the sin will continue. Even so, I cannot continue the story. I am sorry. Second, I read a few comments asking me to give the story to other author. I want to but I cannot do that because the idea is mine and if the story continues, I am considered to take part in the story. So, I am afraid I will still get the sin. So, once again, I am sorry. Lastly, I am really sorry to everyone again. I hope everyone can forgive me. Thank you.


Summary of chapter1 *After surviving a disaster where 700,000 people died including his father and him getting injured* MC: "Hey mom," the MC said seriously, "I have a system, lets spend our entire fortune with no backup plans to buy a monster pet shop." Mom: Seeing the serious eyes the mother believed him instantly no questions asked. -Boom! Shop bought, but their circumstances are too poor that they dont even have enough for blankets and utilities. But its ok, we spend everything for our MC because we r side characters. But... its ok! System is magical and gave them some stuff so u can do thinga like potty!- Their Family: Our dad died. We have no feelings. We got compensation so lets add that to the store. Bye dad. Maybe we'll use u 4 some filler later. Plot Armor: After a surviving a few cringe moments, Plot Armor is here to save the day! Dont worry cause every1 has a system, lets just explain it right before they go in the store/house and after everything else so u can get ba-ba-bam-ba-bamboozled. But its okay, I am mighty Plot Armor! U r MC so I award u with magical system that can talk and do more as u saved people and got hurt! Me: Wait u were hurt? It described him pefectly fine though... Sister: Wow! More Sister: Wow! *Start next chapter?* 'Erm...' =Side note pretty sure author deletes reviews as there's only 3 reviews for a novel with 73ish chapters which is unbelievable. So I'll be back if u delete me since I hate authora who abuse. :)= If your author and bother to listen and not be tilted then try to explain things more like with putting more details for example emotions. Also try to think on how people would actually act. The charcters felt flat/illogica to me. Other than that its prob better to put every human getting a system before u went into the other stuff as it seriously made it hard for me to get into the story after spotting a plot hole than a super obvious big filler half way into the chapter a few paragraphs later. Also this is obviously too late but naming the country (I think it was) Petrika made me face palm more as theres literally pet in the name. It felt cringey to me since I read a lot. Overall the story had a fast update speed for originals while the quality solely basing it off the first chapter was little below average. Youll get better overtime though, guessing author was a newbie


A well written story. Grammer is more than satisfactory, especially in comparison to most of the novels on this site. Enjoyable monster tamer novel.


great story, the story of the story is really great and the background of the shop. There is a few story that have pets fighting one another like pokemon, I enjoy those storys


Is a good novel, I hope you don't drop it [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


DO NOT READ, THIS STORY IS DROPPED. sad but true. was a pretty good story and was moving in a really good direction. Now I have to say blah to meet the requirement, yay.


Reveal spoiler


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One of the better pet and system stories I've read . .


I really think this novel deserves a high rating, good quality, likable characters, the great clans aren't extremely arrogant they have a good understanding and actual members listen to the elders, no jealousy. The Pokémon aspect is polished and still uniquely its own thing. Main character actually trains hard, and soon his family will not be bottom feeders aswell, no desperate protecting of his family. Good work, keep it up.


Tl;dr at bottom To anyone who is tired of waiting for astral pet store to update and are looking for something similar, i would not recommend this series. It is basically the opposite, in APS the story maily revolves about the store, the system is stingy, and su ping is selfish, and in this the story is mostly focused on lucas training, the system is too generous, and lucas is too kind and borderline useless. And because it seems that this story is building itself up to be the opposite to APS its just not as interesting, I have problems other than the story only being a subversion of expectations set up by APS, the first is that the system is too cheat, there has never really been any challeng for lucas, second the power sytem is a little too specific it becomes ridiculous, and finally the characters are either bland and one dimensional or unlikable. Tl;dr it just feels like the entire schtick of this series is to subvert expectations, ours or the people in the book, and it really suffers for that. Its not abhorrantly bad but ist not that spectacular either.


Well, first of all, I'll say that I love this novel. Now why do I love it and why the 5 stars will be explained. (I'm at the 100th chapter) 1. Writing quality - While the authors makes some minor mistakes here and there, the grammar is above 90% of the novels on this app. Moreover, if you spot an error and write it in the commentary section, the author will fix it. As such, I gave this section 5 stars. 2. Updating stability - Since I started this novel, the author has released 2 chapters per day every day without forgetting or taking a day off. So, I'll give this section 5 stars. 3. Story development - This novel is going great. It is neither too slow nor too fast, just perfect (even tho I would have loved for the character to increase his cultivation and his number of tamed monsters faster. However, I'm not the author so, I won't be mad for that haha). Secondly, we see that the story has a goal and it's getting more and more interesting to read the novel as the chapters increases. So, I'm giving a 5 stars here. 4. Character design - For the characters, we see a development in how the act and how they improve upon themselves. I totally love how they develop their own characters and we can easily see the improvement. I rarely read something which has such a perfect character development so, 5 stars straigt. 5. World background The world background is well written and developped. I really have nothing more to say here since I don't want to spoil anyone. However, I will for a certain point since it could make a lot of readers drop it. In this world, systems exists for everyone but they are basics. However, there exists cheat systems or super system as I like to call them. There have been a few of those systems and only the top of the world and their user knows about them. So, it's not actually necessary to 'hide' their system like in other novels. Well, there are a lot of explanation and you'll understand it as long as you give it a chance. So, for such an exceptional world background and difference in system, I decided to give it 5 stars. I hope you enjoy this great novel cause I sure do! Have a great day, and thank you author for writing such an incredible story!


Chapter 1 introduction is so good! It makes me want to know more, I just reached chapter 2. I'm looking forward to read the rest [img=update]


Great story. A premise you can indulge in, characters you can empathise with. A world whose growth you can be excited for. The author seems to be new to writing this type of story as there are so many poorly explained conveniences. However, the work oozes potential and with the way it is going, it seems the author will grow in the future. I, for one, am excited for that.


A good novel[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


this book great when will more chapters come out I want to read the rest of it. do you know when it will be available to read. and how many chapters at a time.


loving this book so far, got a great structure and not many spelling mistakes however in the latest chapters it goes on about the side characters and not about the mc who is who I want to read about. but apart from that great job and keep up the good work


hey love this novel it has a few errors but surprisingly not that many and the story is a great concept. I liked the character growth as well as all the uses the mc has of the system.


Note: To all my readers, this story is only a fiction. I hope all of you do not take the story seriously. This story is not related to real life. This story is purely a fiction.


I usually like these kinds of stories with the character getting a cheat system and all that, but I have to say that this story goes above what I've seen before in stories such as this. The author seems very nice and I always enjoy authors that are active and put messages into their chapters. I don't know enough about how often the author uploads new chapters so I can't say much on that but I enjoy reading and will continue to do so.


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