44 He Isn't Man Enough

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Han Sen could tell that Yang Manli did not like him. When he was ready to go, Yang Manli answered a comlink call and Qin Xuan’s holographic image popped out.

"Manli, come to my office right now." Qin Xuan saw Han Sen there and said, "Bring him with you."

Han Sen followed Yang Manli to Qin Xuan’s office and saw Qin Xuan watching a video from the Skynet.

"Manli, come see this video." Qin Xuan replayed it.

Standing on the side, Han Sen secretly thought, "This is the video of me taking the physical test! Someone paid to record this. People must have found out that I’m Dollar."

There were so many halls in the test center, and it cost money to watch others taking the test. He thought no one would care about a nobody like himself and did not expect this to happen.

If Son of Heaven knew Dollar was Han Sen, he would be in a lot of trouble. Starry Group was powerful in the Alliance, and there was no way Han Sen could compete with them.


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