253 An Invite from the Monster

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Han Sen had only studied the team members of the Alliance Central Military Academy, and did not have much knowledge of other military schools. Nor did he know Qiu Mingmei's name. He signed for her and gave her the piece of paper back.

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"Thank you so much. I wish that we could have a match together." Qiu Mingmei was very excited and returned to her team.

Han Sen turned back and saw the jealous look on his teammates face. Shi Zhikang put his strong arm around Han Sen's neck and shouted, "Han Sen, Qiu Mingmei asked you for a signature!"

Not only his own teammates, but also other students in the lobby were throwing angry looks at Han Sen.

Qiu Mingmei was gorgeous and had great archery skills. There was no doubt that she was a star in the archery tournament. Her asking for Han Sen's signature naturally made many guys bristle..

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