141 A Date

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"I did not expect that a cheater could actually be admitted to Blackhawk. Has the school lowered its standards?" Ji Yanran thought as she walked and made no connection between Han Sen and My-Girlfriend-Is-Ji-Yanran.

In her mind, Han Sen was a cheater and nowhere near a master.

Soon, Ji Yanran saw Han Sen was behind her, so she turned around and frowned at him. "What do you want?"

"I'm going back to my dorm. You think I’m following you?" Han Sen rolled his eyes.

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"Which department are you in? Where is your dorm?" Ji Yanran refused to believe him.

"Archery Department, Building E10 Room 304." Han Sen smiled at her.

Ji Yanran paused, for Han Sen's dormitory was really this way. And the building where Han Sen lived was right behind her building.

"Archery Department, no wonder you can be admitted to Blackhawk. Cheater in games and cheater in the entrance exam," Ji Yanran said.

"Why are you treating your boyfriend like this?" said Han Sen helplessly..

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