10 The Arts Of Necromancy [Part 1]

After dinner, Lux hurriedly went to the training room inside their residence and locked the door.

His Grandma, Vera, didn't find this strange because Lux would train everyday, regardless of the time of the day.

Vera's only condition was that Lux would train inside their residence when night came, so she wouldn't have to go look for him in the fields.

After making sure that the door was properly locked, Lux took the Necromancy Skill book from his storage ring and pressed it over his head.

Soon, the skill book turned into particles of light and flew towards Lux's forehead. Information about Necromancy appeared inside his mind, and the young boy immersed himself in the indescribable feeling of enlightenment, which he was experiencing for the first time.

"So, this is how it feels to learn skills," Lux thought with a smile.

Skill books were different from the skills that one could learn from Beast Cores. The skills that could be learned from Beast Cores, were skills that the monster possessed.

Skill books, on the other hand, could let you learn a single spell, or a set of spells that belonged under a Legacy.

Legacies often consisted of many spells under one branch of magic. For example, the Necromancy Skill Book allowed anyone to learn Basic Necromancy Magic, up to Advanced Necromancy Magic.

This meant that Lux didn't have to hunt specific monsters in order to gain spells that fell under the Necromancy Branch of Magic.

This was why Skill Books fetched for a high price, especially in Auction Houses. Anyone who was lucky enough to acquire one was set for life.

After learning Necromancy, Lux summoned his Soul Book and opened it to the page where the different Skills he had learned could be found.

Since it was his first time learning a Skill, he decided to read its information properly, so he would have a better understanding as to how the skill worked.


< Necromancy >

– Use the Unholy Power to Summon the Undead and use Curses to weaken your enemies

– Basic Summoning Skill unlocked.

– Summon Golem (Locked)

Requirement: Apostle Rank D.

– Curses (Locked)

Requirement: Apostle Rank D.

– Intermediate Skills (Locked)

Requirement: Initiate Rank.

– Advance Skills (Locked)

Requirement: D-Ranker.


< Basic Summoning Skills >

Summon Skeleton

Rating: F

Energy: 5

Progress: (0/100)

– You can increase the Progression Rating when you use Beast Cores to upgrade this skill.

– Summons one Skeleton to fight for you

– Summon duration 1 hour

– Skill Cooldown: 5 minutes.


( Skeleton )

Health: 10

AttacK: 1 - 5

Attack Type: Physical Damage


< Skill Evolution [EX] detected a new Skill. >

< Since the Skill is learned from a Skill Book and not from a Beastcore, evolution requirements will be waived. >

< Choose which path of Evolution you wish to take. >

Option 1: Summon two Skeletons to fight for you instead of one.

Option 2: Upgrade Summon Skeleton Skill to Summon Skeleton Warrior.

Option 3: Give your first Skeleton a name. Named creatures will be stronger and more intelligent than normal ones. Also, you can upgrade your named creature individually if you wish it.


"My Skill can be upgraded because of my Skill Evolution [EX]?!" Lux's eyes widened in shock and joy at this unexpected discovery. "Doesn't this mean that I can upgrade all my Skills by one stage once I have unlocked their requirements? Amazing!"

Lux looked at the three options carefully. The first and second options were good because he could understand what they meant.

However, the third option baffled Lux. He didn't know what Named Creatures were and what kind of abilities they possessed. Even so, he still felt that the third option was the best choice among the three.

"If you are unsure about certain terms in regards to skill, you can always consult the Elysium Compendium for more details."

A lively voice spoke from behind Lux, which made the latter jump in fright.

"E-Eriol! Don't scare me like that!" Lux gasped as his hand pressed over his chest in an attempt to regain his calm. "Bro, you almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Bro?" Eriol looked at Lux with amusement. "This is the first time someone has called me a Bro. Fine, I'll make an exemption this time and allow you to refer to me as such. Now, go on and check what a Named Creature is."

Lux nodded and summoned the Elysium Grand Compendium. As soon as he held the book in his hands, its pages automatically started to turn before they stopped at a certain page.

The red-headed boy looked at the page and was surprised to see that it had stopped on the page with the information on Named Creatures.


< Named Creatures >

– These are Creatures that have been bestowed names by their Masters.

– Creatures who were bestowed names are more powerful than the monsters of the same species and level.

– They also learn special Skills that are exclusive to them.

– Named Creatures also have the ability to evolve and transform into more powerful forms once they meet the necessary requirements. .

– A Named Creature will always be loyal to its master.


After reading the information about named creatures, Lux shifted his gaze to his Soul Book and confidently chose the third option to name a creature.

< You have chosen to give your first Skeleton a name. >

< Please choose a name >


Lux rubbed his chin as he ran a series of names inside his head. He knew how important names were, and he was blessed to have been given good names in both of his lifetimes. Because of this, he decided to give his first companion a name that would make anyone tremble whenever they heard it.

"Diablo," Lux said softly. "From now on, your name will be Diablo."


< You have chosen the name "Diablo" as the name for your first Skeleton. >

< Is this your final answer? >

< Yes / No >


Lux clicked yes to confirm his answer.

As soon as he did, particles of light appeared in front of him and, from there, a Skeleton emerged.

The skeleton stood at 174 cm (5'7") and Its bones were extremely white. On its forehead, some kind of mark that resembled a black flame could be seen easily.

Lux opened Diablo's personal page in his Soul Book and checked its information


< Diablo >

"Finally a worthy opponent. Our battle will be Legendary!"

– Named Skeleton

– Rating: F+

– Energy: 10

– Progress (0/100)

Health: 15

Attack: 3 - 10

Attack Type: Ethereal Damage.

Title: Firstborn

– Diablo is your first Named Creature and has been bestowed the title "Firstborn".

– This Named Creature has gained the ability to evolve.

< Firstborn >

– Regardless of what happens in the future, this Named Creature will be forever loyal to you.

– Attacks made by this creature have a high chance of dealing critical damage.

– All attacks made by this Creature will deal Ethereal Damage.

– Ethereal Damage ignores armor and other kinds of defensive equipment.

– When you use Beast Cores to upgrade Diablo, its effects would be boosted by 50%

Note: Congratulations! You got your first lackey! Yohoho! Here we go!

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