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Starbound: A Space Odyssey


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As red tentacles burst from the ground, the whole planet trembled and fell into chaos. It was the beginning....the beginning of the end. Earth was destroyed with the attack of the mysterious creature. The Terrene Protectorate, the defenders of the universe, were left in shambles after the attack on Earth. Only a few people were able to flee from the planet before its complete destruction. John Connor, an 18 years old fresh graduate Protector, was one of those lucky enough to survive and escape. Armed only with his dubious expertise and a few tools, he will have to avoid the dangers the universe without the Terrene Protectorate can offer, repair his ship, restore the symbol of a defunct organisation and carry the burdens of the fate of the world that lies on his shoulders. Surviving in this turbulent era won't be easy for our inexperienced John Connor. With the end of the Terrene Protectorate, numerous factions that were once dormant, will rise and start to fight for power. Outlaws, fanatics, greedy corporations, and governments, the conflict of interests of those groups and factions will lead to an incredible amount of deaths. Follow John Connor as he explores the wonders of the endless universe, and discover how harsh and unforgiving reality can be. --------------- Chapters will be about 1000 to 1500 words. (Except for some special chapters.) ------------------ * YOU CAN READ THIS WITHOUT EVER PLAYING THE GAME OR KNOWING THE LORE! EVERYTHING IS EXPLAINED THROUGHOUT THE CHAPTERS, AND EVEN HAVE SOME AUXILIARY CHAPTERS WITH MORE DETAILED EXPLANATION. I also had to change a lot about the lore of the game to fit in the format of a novel, I really mean a lot, since the game itself doesn't give a lot about its lore and neither have detailed storytelling, since the focus of the game was in exploration and doing whatever the player wants. ------------------- Disclaimer: This Novel is based on the videogame Starbound by Chuckle Fish. The image is from the artist LemanRush; I downloaded it from the site DeviantArt. Also, sorry about my English, it isn't my primary language. Enjoy... :D


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