1 Chapter 1: Separation (Changed)

There was a young adult man sitting on a comfortable sofa, leaning forward and staring intently at a flat screen.

He was talking through a headset device that was resting on his head and covering both his ears.


"Hahaha! I told you I'd win!"

The first voice was that of the man and the second belonged to a female, having her voice transmitted through the headset the man was wearing.

"Whatever Gwen! As if anyone is cooler than Boba. You got lucky."

Gwen: "Sure I did Adrian."

Adrian: "Really~ This was my first time playing Boba and I only lost to you by 15-12...you were saying. Or should I play my Main Maul."

Gwen: "Fine! ... It's a Draw!"

As the now identified individuals continued to banter back and forth about who was the better gamer, a large explosion had occurred in the neighbourhood of where Adrian lives.

Adrian's life along with many others ended that day die to a terrorist bombing attack.

Gwen had ventually learned of his death on the news within the following hours.

She had mourned him and cried bitterly over the unexpected death of the man she loved.

She had planned to ask him to be his girlfriend one week from that the time they had spent their final moments together.

In the following years of her life she would continue to mourn him as Adrian was the only one that she loved and could ever fall in love with.

She would eventually die of old age as a unmarried and Despair filled woman. She had never even attempted to try and find a partner to be with despite her family insisting on it. She could never betray her childhood friend.

She paced away peacefully on her death bed in a medical hospital alongside a picture of when she was younger with Adrian. They had won a small privately hosted gaming tournament in the surrounding areas. The tournament wasn't for money but purely among the fellow ex-students of the nearby schools.

They were a legendary gaming duo. They naturally couldn't hold a candle to true hard-core gamers of YouTube or actual World League players. That didn't matter to them.

Her final thoughts were of how she regretted not asking him sooner to become her boyfriend and to one day marry him and have a family of their own.

With that she uttered her final breath as the monsters attached to her had stopped emmiting a rhythmic beat sound and had flatlined.

Her body was latter cremated just like how Adrian's body was.

Her ashes flowed down the rivers of India alongside his.


A loud grunting sound responded within a Black void composed of pure endless darkness.

"What the Hell! My while body hurts! The heck just happened?!"

The voice was of course Adrian.

Within the void, Time is a meaningless concept.

Adrian didn't know what had happened as all he remembered was that he was playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 with his childhood friend Gwendolin.

???: "Oh Good, You're finally awake."

Adrian looked around him and saw the Being that was the source of the Skyrim reference.

It was a large 2 Metres entity of pure enemy compasses of the entire Light Spectrum and glimmers like a rainbow.

Adrian: "I am either dead and have meet a entity clearly beyond my understanding, or I have gone insane to the point that I am having this vivid dream."

ROB Jr: "You're a funny one. No you are very dead. You and your nearby area were the Victims of a Terrorist Bombing. Your lucky that you lived alone, at least you don't have to mourn them. Now enough of that. Let's get to it. Your getting 1 wish of your own and a world to reincarnate into only if you can answer a inquiry of mine. Don't bother asking why I'm doing this or you won't get the wishes."

Adrian: "OK. But first can I ask what happened to Gwen. Is she okay?! Did she get caught up in the Bombing too?!"

Adrian's voice had begun to raise as his thoughts drifted to concern for his best friend.

ROB Jr: "Don't worry about Soulmate. Her home wasn't apart if the areas thatvl were involved in the Terrorist Bombings."

Adrian: "Wait! Soulmate?!"

The ROB Jr had then explained to Adrian that Gwendolin was supposed to be his Soulmate and had ended up mourning his death ever since because she wanted to confess her love to him a week after he had died. Not only that but he told Adian about her life from that point until her death.

He was over come with sadness, regret and surprise since he never expected a girl to love him. He didn't have a great life growing up and had failed his family countless times. That was why when he had barely scrapped by with his Job to eran enough money. He bought himself a very small songle story house.

He feels regretful for Gwen because she had mourned him and had stayed like as an Widow for her whole life after his passing.

Adrian: "Can I use my wish for her?"

Adrian wanted to do this to right the wrong he did to her and because he wants to do something good for once out of all the failures of his life.

Besides he can just live peacefully through hard work in his next life. He doesn't need wishes to accomplish his goals. Why would he need wishes to be an all powerful God if he doesn't have anybody to spend it with.

He doesn't want to grow Slothful and complacent. He wants to become a better person then who he once was. Maybe this way he can make a good life for himself like how his family and always wanted for him, but he always ignored them and ended up as he was back on Earth. Barely scrapping by with living expenses on the verge of becoming homeless.

ROB Jr: "That is not allowed. Now then, you will be sent to Star Wars as it was already pre-determined for you. You will get only a Single Wish. You will also keep your memories. As for the Wish. Just make it then I will decide on it's level of power. I will have to reduce it or remove some things if it is too strong. But other then that, you can ask for anything. Just know it will be nerfed if you ask for something Overpowered. Oh! I forgot to mention, since you died before attaining any actual good deeds of significance to increase your Karma value, you cannot be a Force User."

He isn't particularly worried about going to Start Wars since he isn't a Force User. Thus he wont be subjected to being hunted down all the time, which is probely for the best. He can just let Luke kill Abeloth when she escapes The Maw in 44ABY and let Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan kill The Ones during the Clone Wars. Meanwhile, he can go about his own business.

He is okay with not being a Force User since he doesn't want to be a Jedi because of Order 66 and all the suicide Missions they go on, dangers and no Free-will. He can just wish for an Creation ability to make whatever he needs. Namely materials and ingreediants to create alchemical potions and substances that may be useful for him since he isn't a Force User. He also needs knowledge. Enough so that whatever materials he obtains from his creation ability can then be made into technology and weaponry for himself. The thing is, how to get those two main ideas in one wish.

That was when a lighting bolt hit him from the blue.

Adrian: "Can I 'request' a piece of paper and pen with ink please."

ROB Jr: "Clever Brat. You tghink I don't know what you are doing. But I will humour you."

Adrain: "Thank you very much!"

He quickly wrote onto the paper everything he had planned.

Adrian: "I wish for everything on this piece of paper to come true, please."

*Start of paper*

The following is to be granted to Adrian

- Obtain 7499 Midichlorian limit (7500 is minimum required for one fo be a Jedi no matter what)

- A Creation Abilty that can create materials and ingreediants and infinte money (A/N Cannot create fully constructed pieces of gear or technology. He can only make the things needed to build them, then he does it himself. Certain things like potions can be made instantly, but guns and ships he must make himself. Does have a limit such as he can make infinite Adamantium but not indinite Vibranium or Eru metal. He also cannot make Infinity Sones with it.)

- Full Knowledge, Technology, Weapons and Armours and so on for the ISU, Borderlands, Yautjia/Predator, Anthem Javlin, Earth, Star Wars, Destiny, Mass Effect, Marvel, DC, Halo, Warframe, Witcher

- Has Psychic Blood Bending and Water Bending.

- Has a personal A.I. that is on par or greater than the Reincarnated As A Slime Skill Manus:----, the A.I. can be either apart of him in his mind or in any piece of technology he has

- The A.I. has PhaseShift Siren Power.

- Anything that he has will return to him if lost, no matter what.

- Has a strong Regeneration factor.

- Witcher 3 Mutations without any of the negative effects.

- As strong of a version of the Horadric Cube from Diablo 2.

- Skelton Key from Skyrim.

- Spiderman power and abilities.

- Occulmency and Legimancy of Harry Potter.

- Has a Storage Space ability.

- Reborn on Mandalore as a Half Human (Mandalorian)/ Half-ISU. Has the power to make anything.

- Has weaponry like bullets or crossbow bolts become as powerful as normal or enhanced Blaster Bolts.

- Infinite Ammunition.

*end of paper*

Adrian: "I am sorry if I was being very Greedy with it. Please adjust them however you seem fit to."

ROB Jr: "Hahaha! Don't worry, I am not. Now, how do you want to look like?"

Adrian: "Yes. I want my appearance to be that of the Breten Hero is Elder Scrolls Online, the only difference is that I don't have as chubby of a face and it is half and half with Ezio Auditore appearance being the other 1/2. Also could you please have Gwen go to Heaven or at least live a happy life as well. That is all i'll ask for."

ROB Jr: "Okay then. As for your Wish I will have to tone it down and remove some things, but most of it will be granted. Most of the Knowledge of the Various Universes will also be useless to you since you will not be able to make the required materials and resources to make them with your Creation Ability which I have nerfed. What I mean by that is you now have the knowledge of how to harvest the Earth Celestial corpse of the Marvel Uiverse, but you don't have the Celestial corpse to harvest, thus it is useless. There is a lot of knowledge that is useless to you. So don't think you can pull a fast one on me by trying to get the Anti-Life Equation or the Magic of the Marvel or DC Universe. Magic comes from a Source that exists in those Universes. In Star Wars there is magic but it is vastly different. As for your Soulmate, don't worry since she will be sure to have for good and interesting life."

Adrian: "Thank you for all of this."

ROB Jr: "Actually, I'm a little curious. If I had allowed you to use your wish for her, what would you have wished for? Also it has to be in the Star Wars Universe and she has to be a Force User."

Adrain: "What limit is it for the Wish compared to mine."

ROB Jr: "Her's is practically anything since she had done a lot of good deeds in her life like charity work and such. So she has a lot of Karma."

Adrian: "Can't I just wish for her to be reborn back on our Earth again."

ROB Jr: "No, this is a question on what kind of wish you would give her if she was to reincarnate into Star Wars Universe.

Adrian: "Then if I had to make a wish for her...then I would wish for her to be the FORCE itself."

ROB Jr: "Oh! You would. Why that?"

Adrain: "You said her wish would be limitless and she had to be a Force user. It would be dumb to just wish for high Force Sensitivity of a certain amount. Instead why not just have it wish for everything if you can."

ROB Jr: "Thanks for answering my question about what you would wish for your Soulmate if given the chance. That was quite amusing. Goodbye now."

Before Adrian could say anything else to thank ROB Jr fir giving him this opportunity, he is yeeted like many before him through a portal into his new Universe.

ROB Jr turns around then makes the soul of Gwendolin appear.

ROB Jr: "Are you sure that you want to give him 2 of your 3 wishes. You gave him one wish to use for himself, and the second you wished for him to keep his memories. Also, do you want the wish I asked, of what he would make for you if given the chance, to be made. He isn't even aware you will reincarnate with him."

A teenage looking Gwen however, had just fallen to her knees and covering her face and mouth. She had become a complete mess of herself as she let her tears form into rivers that flowed out through the gaps of her hands.

She had finally been able to see him again after so long. Even though it was a few moments for him when he had died, for her it was 78 years.

After all this time, for her, he still cared about her and felt regret for her. She was the one at fault since she should have confessed her live to him earlier.

She calms herself down as much as she can to answers yes. That was all she could blurt out between her sobbing.

ROB Jr didn't say another word as he was used to this scenario of people crying before him. He just gently yeeted her through a portal and had her memories sealed until the time that 'the moment' arrives.

The ROB Jr was looking forward to this 'meeting' when her memories are unsealed and Adrian realises that she had reincarnated alongside him.

Like this, the both Adrian and Gwendolin had been Separated first by Death, now by Rebirth.

But will they find each other and rekindle their feelings for one another or will their Seperation be everlasting?




(A/n I hope this change is more easier for you to understand now. ps. the Omega Syrrum he gives himself in later chapters is what his strength placets at. He can destroy a brick wall easily, and dent a steel wall. After many puches he is able to puch his way through a Reinforced Steel Door (Like the one that the Viceroy used to protect himself on the Bridge of the ship that Qui-Qon almost breeched with his Lightsaber. Yoda can beat him since Yod lifted an ENTIRE LIVING MOUNTAIN with the Force alone. now you know the strength he has.))

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