SPRING LOVERS: We who are inseperable
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SPRING LOVERS: We who are inseperable


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What is SPRING LOVERS: We who are inseperable

SPRING LOVERS: We who are inseperable is a popular web novel written by the author neonlover_1, covering ROMANCE, MODERN, BEAUTIFUL FEMALE LEAD, STRONG FEMALE LEAD, MEDICAL, HIDDEN GEM, POWER COUPLE, HANDSOME MALE LEAD, SLOW ROMANCE, PLAYBOY MALE LEAD, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 853.8K readers with an average rating of 4.65/5 and 39 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 222 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Only one word: Heirloom Heirloom? Isn't that a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations? Something that is supposed to bring pride, but not always, at least not in this story. Everything started with the mysterious 'Heirloom' and everything will probably end with it. Li Wei is our ML and Wang Yu Yan is our FL. The empty blanks I will leave it to you all to fill as you read their story. Come, witness their journey full of love, dangers, and some life-threatening secrets. _____________________ Excerpt He kissed her softly at first and then with a swift gradation of intensity that made Wang Yu Yan cling to him as the only stable thing in the dizzy swaying world. And Wang Yu Yan did not realize when her hands clutched to Li Wei's shirt tightly. Her hands automatically circled Li Wei's neck. On realizing this, Li Wei slowly and slowly kept on deepening the kiss. It became more and more passionately by the second. As it did, Wang Yu Yan felt her heartbeat accelerating. Li Wei parted his lips from her shaking lips, sending wild tremors along her nerves, evoking her sensations she had never known she was capable of feeling. Li Wei looked into her deep eyes. Wang Yu Yan was doing the same. This feeling that she was felt was foreign yet a nice feeling. She wanted to feel more of this, more of this, and before a swimming giddiness spun her round and round, Wang Yu Yan knew that she was kissing him back. .............................. The cover is not mine it belongs to its rightful owner. This is an original story by me and my best friend. So pls give it a try Thank You Neonlover_1 and Rainbow_Writermark

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Yo readers, A shameless author here to promote her novel. As a beginner and a person whose first language is not English, I am trying my best to convey the feelings of the characters to you and make them realistic. I will be honest. So the book has slow romance, as I think that a person in character or in real lives cannot fell in love in just a single meeting. Also as the synopsis is, I myself as a reader felt that it had mystery in it. The book has romance as well as mystery. So, please give it a try and witness the growing understanding between MCs.


Betrayal is the worst , so what happens when you experience it ? You harden your heart! And that's what happened here! This is a story of emotions . Trust me and invest in this . A fellow Indian supporting a fellow Indian 😊😊✌️✌️


Well structured and excellent character design so far. I love how you started the story it gave it an intense atmosphere that many people also uses to start their story but you did it really well.


Reveal spoiler


We all read different romance novels and most of them have the same concepts but still they are few who stands out from the this crowd. And this is a part of those who will grab your attention from the very first chapter. The best thing that I like is the mystery on which the whole book is based on. I am an avid reader of romantic novels but I too get boring if it is only about romance. And this books helps me to keep my interest alive. We don't understand a story after reading only few chaps we need patience to complete a story. And that's why it gives this plus point too.


I love it I recommend it the story line is great and the characters are amazing i can't wait for more it's really amazing I have read a lot of novels but this is one of my favorites if you don't read this novel you'll miss out on something amazing


This story is amazing... The characters , background, emotions everything is written every beautifully so that the reader could easily understand it rather than thinking and solving it like Rubik's cube... Readers can enjoy it easily and it portrays everything about the characters and background in details I recommend to join this journey of the spring lovers with love, mysteries and action too 😇😇


This is a nice story if I say so, Mr. Author. There aren't many mistakes grammatically or otherwise that I can point out. From a beginner's point of view, like me, It's pretty much wholesome and well-written. What I do can share with you is some advice like reviewing the first few chapters and going through Grammarly if you have some problems with grammar. I was suggested to use this app and it's holding pretty well for me. So, if you haven't I suggest you do. Btw, keep publishing and happy writing!


Good plot n love all characters. Amazing interaction between Ml n FL . love their banters n Li wie's flirting. It has all the aspects of a captivating plot; romance, friendship, family love n care, siblings love, mystery element and a bit of action too. Keep it up




What can I say, nice book. Synopsis is nice bit not that catchy, your bestir might want to work on it if you hope to enthrall readers and get their attention. Nice cover page by the way. Writing quality is good, my only problem would be the large block of text per paragraph. Update stability is great, character design, world back, story development am great. For a first time writing, you sure did a good job here author. I'm interested in seeing how this story plays out, So like few books I reviewed, i'm gonna add this to my library and read on, wud recommend this to my younger sis. I know she'd love it, but you would have to give her updates or she wud nag at me. I'm curious though, what this heirloom and abilities and dream is all about. That, your bestie did good justice to at d synopsis level. All in all nice work guys. Keep it up.


Interesting story and characters. Nice building up of ******* thought the negligence of the doctors is a bit scary. Thank god real life isn't that bad. On the other hand the character interactions are nice and from what i have seem of the female lead's personality till now. She is a pretty strong and upbeat person.


Great novel! It would have been better with the grammatical errors corrected. Nonetheless, this seems to be promising, and this is the type of novel I would usually read!


A solid premise, standard fare in Chinese novels centered towards a female audience, the writing is a bit rough around the edges but acceptable, the plot from where I have read to is still in its infant stages, It has potential but needs to be developed, into a hopefully unique manner. Im a guy if you couldn't tell but I'm omnivorous in my consumption of all literature, some suggestions would be to read novels such as (Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss), (7th young Miss) (The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss) and (Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor) some of my favorites and learn from them and develop an even more amazing story.


Nice try for the first attempt! I will be adding it to the library to see how the story flows further... I hope to see you write many more chapters and Please do stay safe during this pandemic!!


The first chapter is a little hard to digest at first, but the story is sound, the premises is nice, and the errors are few. It doesn't do anything too groundbreaking, but the story is wholesome and has that feeling of tried excellence.


First of all, I like the wang yu yan and I could relate to her so well in the first chapter since I felt that too. Those overnight shifts (BIG OOF!! XD). The story is great so far even if there is a minor of grammatical errors. All in all is it great and I cant wait to read more for the chemistry between the two characters


It's a nice story! From what I understood it's a book written by two authors, right? Which, in my opinion, is more difficult to create, so you both did a really good job. Some advise I might give you is once you finish the book, put it aside for a bit and then check if there are some grammar mistakes, however don't worry about it too much while you're editing your first or second draft. Remember that the more you write and read, the more you grow as a writer. Keep writing! ❤️


I like the story and went on to read 8 chapters. It is a nice romance story with a hospital setting. The plot seems interesting plot. World background is excellently described. Character design is equally great. Stability of updates is good too. The story is developing nicely. Writing quality is good too. There are a few grammatical errors. I would suggest that you run the written chapter in draft stage, through an online grammar checker. It will take care of the spellings, the punctuation etc. I am also using it. All the best Authors! I am saying authors as there are two people writing this novel.


I really like the idea of your story, it's is really interesting and is able to draw people into the story really fast. The ideas of writing about hospital life are quite hard as a lot of professional terms needed, and I think you did a good in that. It is a nice story, keep it up.


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