94 The King

As Huang Yu held the Blade of Tathagata in his hands, he could hear a pair of gates slamming open in his head.

He ignored it, however, since he was more interested in his new blade and the things that it had brought to him.

The Dragon God involuntarily gulped facing the current Huang Yu.

It could faintly see the outline of ghosts appearing behind him.





Resentful utters repeated over and over as the Dragon God felt the pure resentment that was hidden in the Blade of Tathagata.

With a slight shiver, the Dragon God opened its maw.


The Dragon God's voice was slightly shaky, indescribable feelings filling its heart at this moment in time.

"How much of your lifespan did you spend to allow your blade to reach this level?"

Hearing this, Huang Yu raised an eyebrow. He inspected his new blade briefly before he gave a reply.

"One thousand years."

The eyes of the Dragon God widened. It couldn't believe its ears!

"Then how are you still alive?! You're strong, far stronger than even a normal God Officer, but since you haven't tethered yourself to a Divine Realm, this should have killed a mortal like you!"

A sigh left Huang Yu's lips. He retracted the deathly aura of the Blade of Tathagata as he placed the back of the blade on his shoulder.

"What can I say? I'm just special like that."

The Dragon God was left dumbstruck by Huang Yu's words for a few moments.

Nonetheless, it quickly regained its bearings as it let out a sigh of its own.

"Boy… with that blade in your hands, I'm probably not your opponent anymore."

Huang Yu tilted his head to the side. "So do you surrender? You clearly know the outcome if we continue fighting."

A sneer crossed its face as it heard those words.

"Heh, I'm just stating a fact at this moment. I'm just a wisp of the original Dragon God's will so I definitely cannot beat you now."

"However, that doesn't mean I'll just give you the victory like this."

The Dragon God raised its claw to its chest and clenched it.

"If you want the victory, you have to come and claim it."

Hearing this, Huang Yu laughed out.

"Of course. I apologise. I've looked down on your own will Dragon God."

Even if it wasn't the real Dragon God, it still contained every bit of the pride of the once strongest God King of the Douluo Divine Realm.

To even insinuate that it would surrender rather than die fighting, that was a massive insult to the proud Dragon God.

While Huang Yu couldn't share those sentiments, he could understand where the Dragon God was coming from.

And he respected it.

As a powerful adversary…

And also as his father-in-law.

Not that he would admit the last part of course.

A loud snort snapped Huang Yu out of his thoughts at this time.

"Poise your sword, boy. Even if I am to perish on this day, I won't go down without a good fight."

The Dragon God didn't speak anymore as it held its lone claw above its head.

Nine colours, each representing an element materialised in the form as a ball as the world trembled once more at the Dragon God's final hurrah.

This attack was the culmination of all the understandings of the elements that the Dragon God obtained during its lifetime.

Its power was fearsome, and the sheer profundities of it escaped Huang Yu despite its simple shape.

It was just the same that this piece of will of the Dragon God no longer had its physical body.

If it did, it could have made this attack at least ten times stronger.

As the ball reached at least a hundred times the size of itself, a roar from the Dragon God commanded the ball to fire towards Huang Yu's direction.

Seeing this, Huang Yu wasn't intimidated.

He simply raised his sword into the air, resentful spectres surrounding his blade once more.

The Blade of Tathagata grew more powerful the more Huang Yu wanted to cut something. In a sense, it could be said that it depended on his will.

And as Huang Yu once said…

Only his will was eternal.

Huang Yu's movement was extremely casual, as if he wasn't about to face an attack that could easily kill him.

There was no tension on his face as he slashed.

Slashed the elements.

Slashed the Dragon God.

Slashed the entire dimension.

At this moment, countless cracks appeared as the dimension detonated in a sea of innumerable colours.

— — — —

"Hell, you're one pesky lizard aren't you?"

Back where they were before the battle, Huang Yu stood there, his clothes in tatters as he looked down to the ground. His third eye was already closed from overuse of it.

Where he was looking at, the only thing that remained of the Dragon God was its head till a bit below its neck.

Despite this, it was still alive, albeit barely!

It may be due to the fact that the Dragon God in front of Huang Yu was just a remnant will though.


The Dragon God's voice was a lot softer than before at this time. There seemed to be a hint of melancholy as it looked at the fallen bones of its brethren.

"Why what?"

"Why did you purposely miss?"

A wry smile appeared on Huang Yu's face. Just as he opened his mouth to reply, a sharp pain wracked his entire body.

Huang Yu dropped to the ground, his body convulsing slightly each time he took a breath.

His healing factor began its work, but with Huang Yu's extremely low stamina, it only helped a bit.

Of course, Huang Yu had some rough energy stones inside his spatial ring, but he wasn't going to bring them out.

Huang Yu could tell that the Dragon God could command life energy as well.

If he brought those out to heal, wasn't it like wrapping a present for it?

The Dragon God noticed all of this. However, it didn't do anything other than stare at Huang Yu.

As the pain in Huang Yu's body slowly faded away, he let out a breath of relief as he laid in his pool of sweat.

"Well, I just don't want to kill my father-in-law…" Huang Yu replied with a chuckle at this moment.

The Dragon God stayed silent for a few moments. Ponders ran through its mind before it opened its mouth once more.

"Did you really mate with the Silver Dragon King?"

"If my beliefs are correct, then yes."

A snort left its snout. "No wonder I felt some of its essence from you."

"And you still attacked me? I'm insulted father-in-law."

At those words, the remaining elemental particles in the surroundings converged into spears as they charged towards Huang Yu's vitals.

Huang Yu as of this moment was completely exhausted and unable to move. Even the King's Wisdom was out of his set of options.

Despite this, the man in question merely sighed. There wasn't a single bit of panic on his face despite the peril of the situation.

"Come, robe."

The Blade of Tathagata appeared in the air. It pulsed several times, as if sending a message before it disappeared.

A teal coloured strand of energy pierced instantly burst through the void, wrapping around Huang Yu's body.

As the spears collided with his body, they paused just before they broke in pieces, completely unable to pierce the clothing.

Surprise filled the Dragon God's face. Looking at Huang Yu, it found that a new set of clothing had taken the place of the tattered rags that he had been wearing.

It was a high-collared robe jacket that reached Huang Yu's shins.

The upper part of the robe jacket was dark-coloured, the rest being teal with gold-coloured trimmings.

On each shoulder, there were large gold-coloured Ω-symbols.

The jacket ended with large white cuffs, matching perfectly with the white gloves on Huang Yu's hands.

Under the robe jacket, there was a black waistcoat over an untucked collared white shirt, an orange cravat and magenta-coloured trousers tucked into light brown boots.

"That's pretty rude isn't it father-in-law? That could have killed me!"

Huang Yu's cheeky voice broke the Dragon God out of its stupor. It snorted once more before it looked away.

"No wonder you had the balls to not instantly kill me. You still have an Ultra-Divine Tool like this in your sleeves…"

"It probably came from the sword right? You didn't use it before."

Huang Yu smiled but didn't reply.

The Dragon God wasn't wrong.

The moment that Huang Yu had completed the Blade of Tathagata, he felt its connection with two other items.

One of them was naturally this robe that he was wearing. It was called the Robe of the Sage, and was the strongest defense item in existence(or so it claimed).

There was another, but Huang Yu didn't need it at this moment.

Of course, this opened up another can of worms for Huang Yu to decipher in of itself.

Where did these items come from? And why did the Blade of Tathagata react to them?

Actually, take a few steps back, why did his martial spirit even become a real divine weapon?

Huang Yu had wanted to use the resentment to stimulate his sword's second awakening, but this was beyond what he expected.

One thing was for sure though, was that this was all related to his bloodline.

With the way it treated the Blade of Tathagata and the Robe of the Sage like a long-lost friend, that informed Huang Yu that there was definitely a connection.

His bloodline definitely had a very convoluted past if what he had experienced in the past is to be seen.

"Can you do me a favour?" the Dragon God asked all of a sudden.

"Do you usually ask for favours from people you tried to kill?"

The Dragon God sighed as those words entered its ears.

"Hear me out. It's beneficial to the Silver Dragon King."

Huang Yu's eyes widened imperceptibly before it went serious.

"Take the Dragon God's Core and give it to her. It'll give her a chance to ascend to become the next Dragon God should she take the Golden Dragon King's bloodline."

"You don't want it to be given to the Golden Dragon King? He's in this dimension right now y'know?"

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A sneer crossed the Dragon God's face.

"That brat is a faker. An usurper of the original. He's not worthy."

A chuckle escaped Huang Yu's lips at this moment. Letting out a deep breath, he gave his answer.

"Sure. I'll do it."

"Thank you…" the Dragon God thanked genuinely.

Nonetheless, it was slightly hesitant in doing so. It never thought that the day would come where it would thank a human.

From its head, a seven-coloured crystal emerged. It glowed brightly, filling the world with its divine brilliance.

The Dragon God became more illusory at this moment, as if its life force had been snapped from it.

It slowly became more and more illusory as it began to fade away.

The crystal floated into Huang Yu's hand, bathing him briefly with a seven-coloured light before it receded into the crystal.

"This is my core which contains my God positions inside. As thanks, I've taken the initiative to help you hide your Sage's Body. You won't be bothered by spirit beasts again."

"Sage's Body?"

"You can ask the Silver Dragon King about that. She'll answer you. I don't have much time left."

Looking at the fading image of the Dragon God, Huang Yu nodded his head.

Having recovered enough strength, Huang Yu grunted as he pushed himself up, slowly getting back to his feet.

"So what are your plans?" the Dragon God asked abruptly. "With your strength at your age, you definitely have an end goal."

Hearing this, Huang Yu kept silent for a few moments.

"It's Heaven."

Huang Yu's answer was soft, completely unlike his previous enthusiasm.

"Godhood? That's a pretty small goal for someone like you."

"Heh, you think too small Dragon God…"

There was a strange smile on Huang Yu's face as he spoke those words.

The Dragon God pondered about it briefly before it paused.

Horror appeared on its face as it looked at Huang Yu as if he was a madman.

"To become a God is to tread the Heaven's Path. Such a path is unfit for me since it would mean me submitting to the Heavens."

"After all, which King is willing to be a vassal to another kingdom? That isn't a King, that's a slave in my eyes."

"My goal is one far more ambitious..."

"I Shall Seal the Heavens…"

"And replace it with my own."

— — — —

Gu Yue let out a deep breath as her foot stepped on the soft grass within the Dragon Graveyard.

The two Bishops from Nox had been incredibly powerful, having four-word battle armours despite only being Rank 95 Hyper Douluos!

Di Tian wasn't able to help out in the battle since he was the one forcing open a portal. If he could, then the battle would have been horribly easy.

Along with her other two servants, they battled the two Bishops of Nox in an intense battle.

The two Bishops weren't as powerful as them. However, they had strange abilities that made it hard for them to win.

Her timing came when a terrifying aura was released from the Dragon Valley portal.

It stunned the two Bishops, giving Gu Yue time to get a teleport off through the portal.

At this moment, a soft whimper caught Gu Yue's attention. She shifted his gaze to the source of the sound to see the Mountain Dragon King there.

"What is it?"

Gu Yue's voice was gentle, completely unlike when she talked to anyone else other than Huang Yu.

The Spirit Beasts were her kin, and as their king, she cared for them very much.

The Mountain Dragon King growled a few times as it communicated with her.

"A powerful man appeared? And he's deeper down in the graveyard?"

Gu Yue's voice became slightly cold. Her brows furrowed as a chilling aura surrounded her body.

No doubt, it was definitely the King of Nox!

She wordlessly left as she rushed towards an opening into the lower parts of the graveyard.

The Dragon God's Core was there! She couldn't even take the slightest risk when it came to something like that.

As she arrived at the depths of the Dragon Graveyard, Gu Yue noticed that there was none of the seven-coloured mist that she had been expecting.

Fear struck her heart as the worst case scenario appeared in her mind.

She rushed forward, using the space element to traverse quicker.

However, the moment her eyes laid eyes on a red-haired man in a teal robe holding a crystal in his hands, she froze completely.

The man looked at her with his scarlet eyes. His gaze felt like a knife that stabbed countless times into her chest.

Gu Yue felt her legs almost give out beneath her as she took a step back.

Her lips trembled as she involuntarily uttered,

"Huang Yu?"

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