95 Breakdown

"Huang Yu?"

Gu Yue's voice was soft, yet a little hoarse.


Huang Yu paused, furrowing his brows slightly.

His eyes told him that this person in front of him was definitely Yun Ming's disciple…

Yet, every instinct in his body told him that this was something he knew…

Someone he loved…

"Gu Yue…"

Huang Yu whispered softly causing her to stiffen up.

A self-deprecating smile appeared on her face. She took a deep breath to steady herself before she spoke.

"You're the King?"

Her voice cracked near the end of her words.

Huang Yu opened his mouth to answer, but he was cut off as Gu Yue's voice turned more hysteric.

"No, it can't be right? This is all just a bad dream isn't it?"

"Yeah, I'm just having a nightmare right now. I'm still in my room right?"

"Please… I just want to wake up now."

Hearing this, pain entered Huang Yu's eyes. He let out a deep sigh before he uttered in a low voice.

"Gu Yue, this is all real."

"I am the King of Nox."

At those words, Gu Yue paused.

Her breathing turned more and more heavy as she clenched her fists tightly. Her teeth were gnashed as her eyes began turning red.

The surroundings began distorting as elements began to go wild, not that different from Gu Yue's current state of mind.

Huang Yu noticed this as concern appeared on his face.

He tried to approach her, but her next words caused him to freeze.

"Did you know who I was all along?"

The brief silence that came after was all that Gu Yue needed to have her question answered.

A bitter laugh suddenly emerged from her throat.

It started softly, but it slowly became more and more hysterical.

Soon, it devolved into the laughters of a madwoman whilst sobs were mixed in between.

"Gu Yue! Listen to me!"

Huang Yu's voice was loud and forceful, causing Gu Yue to pause.

Her eyes turned dull as she heard the way he spoke to her, a myriad of strange thoughts popping up in her mind.

The Huang Yu that she had in her heart had never spoken to her in a voice like this before.

He was always gentle and kind to her. The most that he had gone to when she had done something stupid was just a tone of disappointment.

But now, he was using this tone with her…

Did that mean that…

Not knowing Gu Yue's thoughts at the moment, Huang Yu winced slightly as he saw the look on her face.

Although he had his schemes, at heart, he was an emotional person.

He would usually never take a tone like this with her.

However, this time was an exception.

Gu Yue was definitely misunderstanding something here. Before it went too far, he had to resolve it.

If Gu Yue were in a stable state of mind, maybe she would have noticed this.

Unfortunately, with the way she was at this moment, there was absolutely no way that she would.

In a few steps, Huang Yu was already in front of Gu Yue.

His body was aching from all the battle he had just done, but it was nothing compared to the aching he was feeling inside.

He extended his hand, taking hold of Gu Yue's arm.

However, to his surprise, that seemed to snap her out of her stupor as she broke free from his grip with a snarl.

"This is just your way of settling your vendetta with me isn't it?"

Gu Yue's voice was cold as ice. There was a sneer on her face as she looked directly into his eyes.

A look of confusion appeared on Huang Yu's face

"What do you—"

"Since you know who I am, then you definitely know why I approached you in the first place."

Huang Yu was stunned speechless for the first time.

He was incapable of saying anything as he just stood there like a statue.

Taking this silence as agreement, Gu Yue continued, her voice picking up volume with each word she spoke.

"I'll even take another guess. It was probably that bitch Na'er that told you…"

"So to get even with me, you played me like a fiddle didn't you…"

"You made me think that we were in love, but you were probably just laughing at me from behind this entire time…"

Huang Yu managed to recover at this time.

He opened his mouth to try to get some words off but Gu Yue didn't even give him the slightest chance to explain himself.

"You got both of your Bishops to block me while you got the Dragon God's Core didn't you?"

"And now you have it, you're just rubbing it in my face!"

"Gu Yue, calm down. You're over—"

Huang Yu was cut off as he found a fist buried in his gut.

His breath was knocked out of his lungs, but he was unhurt despite the force in the punch with the protection of the Robe of the Sage.

"Don't tell me what to do!!"

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"It's already reached this stage, so why do you keep on lying? Do you find it fun to see me like this"

The pain that Gu Yue was feeling was immeasurable.

It was as if her heart had been torn into a million tiny pieces.

Not even back then, when she was escaping from the Divine Realm had she ever felt a pain like this.

It was agonising.

It was excruciating.


''Do you keep torturing me like this?'

Another fist was slammed into Huang Yu's chest, blasting open a wide ravine behind him.


'Is the world always so cruel to us spirit beasts? Everything we do always ends in tragedy…'

A fist was slammed onto Huang Yu's face, splitting the clouds apart.


Her arm morphed into a silver dragon claw as she slammed it towards his head, fully intending on taking his life.

The world trembled as it felt the rage of the Silver Dragon King.

Every dragon in the Dragon Valley cried out with grief along with their king.

Just several centimetres away from colliding with Huang Yu's head, it stopped. The silver dragon claw reverted to a slender arm as it stayed there.

"Why have my feelings not reached you? I could have given up everything for you…"

Gu Yue dropped to her knees as a flood of tears streamed down her eyes.

Her voice was one of a completely and utterly broken person, one that had nothing left to live for.

Sobs left her lips as she curled up into a little ball, having vented all her grievances.

"Please, just tell me why…"

"I beg you…"

Gu Yue's helpless sobs continued painfully, resounding throughout the entire Dragon Graveyard.

There was no beauty in her cry, merely unadulterated sorrow.

For a few moments while she cried, she didn't receive a reply.

She really couldn't help but start to believe her own words.

But maybe that was for the best…

She was a horrible woman…

Perhaps she'd be better off de—

"You idiot."

His voice was weak, cracking at the end.

Several sniffles followed, as if he had a congested nose.

Despite all of this, Gu Yue felt a semblance of hope rise in her chest.

Turning her head up, she found Huang Yu with tears streaming down his face.

His expression was ugly as his face was red. His chin trembled slightly from time to time, as if trying to hold something back.

"Was everything between us so meaningless to you that you could just dismiss it like that Gu Yue?"

Gu Yue remained silent, not believing what Huang Yu was saying.

"We've known each other for over six years, and each day I spent with you was a complete joy."

"To all the times we spent back at Eastsea together…"

"To all the times we spent at Shrek together…"

"Even all the times we quarrelled together…"

"I cherish all of those memories..."

"So Gu Yue…"

Huang Yu's voice hardened slightly.

"Please don't ever doubt my feelings for you."

Gu Yue was left completely stunned at Huang Yu's words.

Her arms were dropped to the side of her body as she listened to Huang Yu's heartfelt words.

Each and every one of them were like a miraculous panacea that mended her heart.

However, a part of Gu Yue's heart didn't believe in what Huang Yu was saying no matter how much she wanted to.

Hence, she lashed out.

"You're lying! You know why I approached you! I wanted to kill you! There's no way tha—"


That silenced her once more.

"I don't care what your motive was when you first approached me."

"All that matters to me is that you're genuinely with me now."

Huang Yu's voice was stronger now as he got more into it.

Gu Yue felt her heart jump in jubilation as she heard those words. The remaining walls she had set were beginning to crumble.

"But I'm a horrible person… I don't…"

She was cut off halfway as Huang Yu spoke once more.

"Even if you wanted to take my life now, I wouldn't complain a single word about it."

Gu Yue's eyes widened, "Wha…"

A gentle smile appeared on Huang Yu's face before he hugged Gu Yue gently.

"When we met, my heart already belonged to you."

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