Simply Love (Simplesmente Amor) Book

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Simply Love (Simplesmente Amor)

Karen Wan

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Mia Chou, a successful Asian-Australian entrepreneur, led her glamorous life in the metropolis that is Taipei, Taiwan. With her equally talented and successful best friends, Abigail and Beverley, by her side, she was ready to conquer the world. Except for love. Even her best friends could not help her with her unlucky streak with love. Or can they? Well, Mia finally found the dream location for her flagship store on Fujin Street in the Songshan District of bustling Taipei. A derelict building that needed a lot of love and attention. Abigail, an artist, and Beverley, an intellectual property lawyer, were no help at all. Enters the experts, David Tsai and Dean Whitfield, the brilliant and handsome Property Lawyer and award-winning Architect duo. They promised Mia that they were the ones who could make all her dreams come true and more... Haven't we all been warned not to mix business with pleasure? Laugh and cry with Mia as she navigates the twists and turns of friendship and love in this multicultural and sensual romance. "Mia stepped out on her own into the reception area. As the opaque doors closed behind her, she looked back. To her surprise, Dean stood there alone, hands in his pockets, still watching her intently as the doors were closing. At the sight of her looking back, he gave her a faint smile and turned. Mia's heart was in her throat as she snapped her head back towards the elevators. Flushing deep red, she could not wait to get out of the building." Book One of the Taipei Metropolis Series. Simply Love / Simplesmente Amor. All rights reserved. Caution: Some chapters may contain R+18 / mature content. Follow me on Instagram @kazmicink Become my Inner Circle on Patreon/wansaechier