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Short Horror Stories


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What is Short Horror Stories

Short Horror Stories is a popular web novel written by the author not_sou_serious, covering Horror&Thriller genres. It's viewed by 29.7K readers with an average rating of 4.84/5 and 64 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 16 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A Book full of Short Horror stories. A ride full of exhilarating tales of different scenarios which will make you crave for more. Someone who loves reading novels and stories is trying to write her own one for the first time here... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me finding out how relaxing is to write and create your own characters and alternate realities, anything to distract from the reality.. love to read horror genre novels and science fiction.. A lil disclaimer: *stories will be all fictional and nothing is related to any other author's stories All the story are just my brain farts(sorry not sorry)* Enjoyyyy

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This novel was so good! Few editing touches has to made and some finishings. This will become a great novel if edited. It is already great! With story that was spine chilling and a nice narration, this made me immersed!


As a fan of creepy stuffs... I highly recommend this collection of short stories! While reading those lines... I think I need to go get some therapy sessions. How could I smile while reading those scary things!!! It's literally 1am and I just can't stop myself until finishing all those chapters💜💜 It's just WOW! big hands to the author👏👏👏👏👏 Looking forward for more✨


I have always loved horror novels, so this is definitely my type of book. I love the storyline and the way the author describes the scene. it feels like I am in the story😂...so I definitely recommend this book🖤🖤💦


Liked the sequential examination of the story, the whole plot of the novel felt very attractive to read. Moving on, the vocabulary and content were at another embodiment of the novel. keep it up., good work.


As far as creepy scary novels go this one deserves a five star rating,,I have only read 2 chapters and I can feel the chills. Amazing writing author.


Interesting narrative and excellent piece of work. Imagination at it best..!! It's been pleasure to read your story. Keep up the good work.


Amazing story! Made me shiver a lot of times, great grammar and I would definitely suggest this to my friends. Keep it going, you're doing well.


I love horror movies and am a very imaginative person. When I saw the synopsis of this book,I knew that it would be chilling and believe me I was not disappointed when I read it.i really love this book and I highly recommend it for people like me who enjoy horror movies. Nice job author,keep it up.👍👍👍👍💯👍👍👍💯👊


Great and a wonderful master piece. The author really did a great work with the vivid description of characters and scenes. It has this potentiality which keeps one glued to their seats and every turning page just leaves you wanting for more. I highly recommend this novel to everyone. Good job author and keep doing what you love.


Someone like me whos afraid of horror stories and who gets scared easily, it was rather tricky at first glance but before i knew i was reading the lateast chapter and i kinda enjoyed it. As the stories are short and not too stretched I was able to not be scared and keep going 🙈 Definitely a must read 😍


Captivating read already, cant wait for more chapter uploads. Well written and easy to read. Chills went down my spine as the stories developed. Excellent novel, well done.


Damn! This is the first time I saw a horror novel. It's good af. MAybe we can say that it has a vibe like the one webtoon that I'm reading. Gonna download it so that I can read it at night MWEhehehe


I can say that this is a very enjoyable novel to read , I suggest anyone who reads my review to give this novel a shot. Keep it up author, well done 💪💪💪💪💪


This novel really was a great read, it had me at the edge of my chair for most of the time. Haha! The writing style is amazing and the flow of the writing is also great. The descriptions are amazing and very vivid. Great job author!


Quite an interesting ànd alluring intriguing synopsis... Very captivating and I must confess that I love the flow of this book. Sure this will become a good read and I can't stop reading it... Commendable job... Kudos to the author.


Attention people!! Don't read at night😂 Especially if u r alone..... Grt scary story line. Appropriate dialogues to arouse fear. The only prob: grammar mistakes. Nothing that a session of edit can't solve. Grt work author 🤩 Cheers✨ This is something the horror story lovers out there would love to give a try.


I usually don't even glance at horror stories because i am kind of a scaredy cat but so I can finally get out out my shell i read small short stories. Your book being the first one. It's great honestly it's not that extreme but its just fine.


I really don't want to read this now as soon as I saw horror in the title since it is still night time here plus I'm really a scaredy cat. But oh man I still read it and now I will not able to sleep properly 😭 Why am I spouting this? This just shows how job well done is the author! Since technically a horror story will not be horror if you don't get scared. Each narratives were clear and cutting edge and it still give me creeps. Character design, they did their roles very well. World background is written well. Overall this one here is definitely a great read. Greatly done author!


I like how this id a collection of shirt stories. And it is horrot at that! It is a nice throwback to stories of old. Also nice to see stories outside of gaming, fantasy and romance.


This is the first time I'm reading a Horror genre...It gave a chill feeling when I started reading the Island trip story...Looking forward to reading the rest of the book...Good work, Author!


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