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Baiken closed her shoulder and sighed "I need to wrap my head around this" "Yes, and you have all the time in the world, now it's our turn" Diana said making Baiken look up "You wonder why we took you? Right?" "Yes, I was perfectly capable of handling myself" "And that's why we took you, you are, in essence a deadly woman, capable of killing men with firearms, using nothing but a sword" "I am aware of my capabilities" "If you somehow managed to side with Yuna, then it would have been very complicated, we saw you still had the capacity to be guided in the right direction, so we intervened" "Even if I just told you I'm capable?" "Yes, listen to me closely, the world you entered are not run by the sword and bounty hunting, there are laws protecting life, and all humans have the right to it" "All? But some deserve to die?" "No one deserves to die, only fate decides that" "Then my sword will be his fate" "No Baiken!" Diana said loudly "You're clearly not in the right mindset to live among people in normal society, you can't just fix your problems with your sword" "Kurochi-nomai! Where is it anyway!?" Baiken said not taking Diana seriously. "Kuro, chi, no what!?" Zander asked. "My katana!?" "It's safe, here on the plane, but you can't get it if you can't agree to leave your lifestyle of violence behind" Diana said. "It's there to protect me! It's my protector! Are you saying I don't even have the right to protect myself!?" "You do! But cutting down anyone who barely looks at you isn't considered self-defense" "I've been disrespected everywhere I go! Betrayed! I need my sword close! It's all I have! It's all that never back stabbed me or ever disrespected me" "Get your mind off that now!" Diana said sternly "I took you, because I want to help you Baiken, I see great potential in you, all you need is to be shown the right path" Baiken blackly stared at her "I was, on the right path, my own path" "A path that would have lead to your death! A twenty year old woman! Beautiful and elegant! Dead in her own pool of blood somewhere in a dark ally way!" "Then if that was my fate, then so be it" "Aah!" Diana stood up rubbing her hair "You stubborn little child!" "I was forced out of childhood at the age of fourteen" Baiken said slowly. Somehow the three with her figured that out and went silent, but Zander turned to her. "Sussa... Who did this to you? Who turned you into this... This..." "Akuma?" Baiken asked. "What the hell is an Akuma?" "It means demon, in my native tongue" Diana sat in front of her again "Listen to me, I can see clearly you have not been treated fairly" "Yes, since the age of seven I've learned noting but fighting with a sword and pleasuring a man, my mother barely taught me to read and write, I can cook some what..." "Shh" Diana said holding hef finger up, but this made Baiken glare at her "I will treat you like my daughter" "I have a mother!" "You will learn what it is to be young! You will learn what joy is!" "I know joy, I find it through sex" "Enough!" Diana shouted, she was properly angry now and to all rights Zander and Hammond never saw her this furious, but Baiken wasn't phased, she still had that glare on her face. "You ar not a thing Baiken! You are a human being" "I am aware of that! You say its wrong for me to find pleasure in..." "Yes!" "Why!? My body! My choice!" "There are other things out there that can bring you joy Baiken!" "Yes I know, like cutting down a brothel skank that ratted me out!" Diana stood up and reached over to Zander, to his dismay he saw her draw his dart gun "Diana!?" She shot Baiken in her leg making her bounce in her seat. "This! I know this..." She felt woozy "What foul ninjitsu... Is this..." Baiken said but fainted. "Bloody hell Dame Smith!" Hammond said. "Oh shutup Hammond! This girl clearly needs therapy!" "I..." Hammond chose his words and sighed "I noticed" [Rated 18 for violence, the sex in this story is not explicit]


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