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Seasons Of Colors


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Read Seasons Of Colors novel written by the author yohan26_ on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Teen stories, covering reincarnation, comedy, r18, campus, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


“DEATH must be a beautiful journey...because no one has ever come back” Liechael never smiled again after Alaena died. His eyes turned cold and lifeless. He kept himself away from his family and friends. It was his greatest downfall. He drowned himself to anxiety and sadness. He knew that Alaena would never like it, but he couldn’t blame himself. “How can I be happy again if you’re gone?” Liechael slid down in front of the big canvas. The paintbrush fell from his fingers as he watched the paints scattered on the floor. The prodigy painter of the Greyson family took his life that night. Liechael woke up in an unfamiliar room. He was dazed as he faced the mirror. His facial features changed, and from 24 years old, he was occupying the body of a teenage boy who’s 16 years old. He was reincarnated into the same world but with a different timeline. If he is going to see Alaena again, he will take the risk. He entered School just like what his new body needed to do. He was surprised upon bumping into a familiar person in the hallway. The person he was longing for so long finally met him. **** “What will you do if you don’t want to forget that person?” The girl looked at him with calm eyes, as she felt the breeze of the dandelion sky in front of them. Liechael looks at her with sadness in his eyes. “I want to keep something as a memory, so that I will remember her until the day I die.” his tone lowered down. “Then, Paint me with you” DON'T FORGET TO ADD THIS TO YOUR COLLECTION!!


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Hi! I am the author! I will shamelessly rate my novel 5 stars, I will apologize in advance if I wrote the wrong words or grammar, forgive me for that. This is my first time writing ML. Thank you so much for sparing your time reading this. This novel is not just about romance. We will also tackle the struggles of being a youth, hardship over friendship and family problems. I want to deliver a great and smooth flowing novel to all of you. Please continue to support me until the end. THANK YOU SO MUCH WITH ALL MY HEART.


I will continue reading this ..❣️❣️ ..kinda unique story plot.. imagine being reincarnated .. its in my library .[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


The story is a little unique, as is the title. I was immediately engrossed after reading the first chapter! I was eager to read more, and I couldn't wait to do so. I truly like how you wrote it, and it's a pleasure to read. It's now in my library.🥰


That very first line in the synopsis had really grabbed me! Overall, great start, hope to read more chapters! Keep it up!


This story was perfectly written to bring tears to your eyes. The words convey emotions exactly what the pain of lost love does. Be captivated. Be intrigued and soon fall in love with how this beautiful novel is.


i'll give five stars for this novel. Such a beautiful story and each charaters really does everything to make their attitudes to be more expressable and to give more emotions too. Cant wait to read more bby yohan!!! ❤️❤️🤦


This story make me sad and excited at the same time. Ms.A did a really good job when it comes to story telling and expressing the characters feelings. It is rare to see an amazing author like her, I hope that every person who will read this novel will appreciate how good the author and the story is. And I also hope that Yohan_26 will become a successful author in the future❤️


Reveal spoiler


wooooooow Author! Honestly, I got intrigued by the synopsis... And when I read chapter one.. boom! Overflowing sadness.. You almost pulled my tears out of my eyes! Ghad. Hopefully, you'll update this Authooor! Keep up the good work! Fighting :)


I've only read 3 chapters... i guess? But I can assure you that you'll be surprised while reading this novel from this author. You will encounter some sorta words that not so many people would think about! 5 ratings... the uploads aren't failing me, this author deserve much more love than this.


You had me near crying by just reading the synopsis. what more else the whole story? this is absolutely amazing. you can feel the emotions raging. and ohohoho angst, I love angst. keep up the good work!


Its a good start for a good book! [img=recommend] i domt read rebirth books often but this ones seems great so far. Excited for more updates!


Reveal spoiler


Dem! To think that you're hiding such good stuffs here. To our dearest author, thank you for making this delicious delicacy. To me, this novel has perfect scene transition/story development, interesting character design, and amazing world background. Truly, it's a good catch. Sadly, it's a new book... I was left hanging, looking for more chapters. Please update more and very very fast Author sis.


Another awesome work by an awesome author! I've only read the first 4 chapters but it's good, real good, so go give it a shot. (trying hard not to say spoilers. hehehehe)


Finally, a female and male lead from my favorite authors work. Good reading with smooth writing, easy to understand and has good pace. I still don't know the plot but I'm looking forward to it, nice work and good job author.


Welp! First 4 chapters are done and I can't deny that it's written smoothly. I'm intrigued, very much so✨~ I like the flow so far so I know this will make me wait for the future chaps with full anticipation 💕 #Support, support, support! #Go_Author!


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