Screw the force, I have money! [Star wars SI] Book

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Screw the force, I have money! [Star wars SI]


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Being thrown into SW universe in time before the Blockade of Naboo, our MC finds many ways how to derail the timeline and break all breaks and directing everything into the unknown. Follow the story of our hero, of how he kriffed up the galaxy. "I will be updating this novel from the forums once a month(if there is any), so don't complain if there is nothing to read, I'm as big of a reader as any of you are XP" This novel I bring to you from forums that not so many had visited and it's hard to find constantly updated stories. Forum stories of origin: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/screw-the-force-i-have-money-star-wars-si.649535/reader/ All right for star wars and etc are reserved by their respected owned, this is work of fanfiction and made by [QuickDeath007] Author!!!


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