39 Saiyan vs Aeldari

The stance of Ramela was one of that let out her confidence not only in her strength, but resilience. As the power beneath her muscles was tense and ready to let out her power in a flash.

Blood started to pump wildly as each cell in her body prepared to jump into action while her senses heightened.

Different from her, the visage of Irelene was one of calm and patience. Her battle stance gave away the discipline and preparation she went through to become a fierce some warrior from the Craftworld Mymeara. Her breath was steady, and the perfect physique given to get by the Ancestral was further enhanced by techniques of old taught under the Asuryani Path of Warrior.

"Begin!" The voice of Bann gave away the start of the fight as Ramela bolted against the Aeldari with such speed that left the latter slightly surprised. Yet she quickly reacted by raising her guard in preparation.

Tensing her body to receive the impact on her guard against the jab, quickly changed midway through her attack as she kicked sideways with her leg to the Aeldari who was unable to react at the extreme speeds showcased by the Saiyan.

Receiving the full brunt of her strength, Irelene gritted her teeth as the pain expanded through her body while her leg became numb. Yet not being one to be left unresponsive, she quickly countered by giving a touch against a point in Ramela's shoulder blade, followed by a punch against the Saiyan's cheek.

Yet instead of grimacing in pain, Ramela forced back the punch as she smiled at Irelene with a maniacal grin she moved her body quickly, ignoring her numb shoulder, and tried to sweep the Aeldari's legs. The Aeldari nimbly dodged the sweep, while sharply and flexibly grabbing one of the Saiyan's arms and attempting to pull her backwards into a headlock.

Failing in the attempt as Ramela's strength was vastly greater and she simply forced the Aeldari to break the lock by threatening to throw her.

Pushing Seleri's back as she distanced herself away, Irelene analysed 'It's impossible, her strength and hard body will be such that I can't win in a melee duel.' Gritting her teeth at the bitter truth, Irelene decided to use her psychic abilities.

It was more than clear to her that with a single well-placed blow, it was the end of the fight. And she would be lucky not to get seriously hurt.

Slightly surprised by the speed and agility demonstrated in the brief exchange, Ramela was undeterred and accelerated against the Aeldari.

"Come here! We still couldn't punch each other properly!" Ramela exclaimed as she came dangerously close to Irelene. Who in alarm used a rune and channelled her psychic power into a bolt of energy.



The shuddering sound of lightning invaded the area as an explosion engulfed Ramela's body. Filling the surrounding area with smoke.

'Still standing.' Raising her eyebrows in surprise from behind her helmet, Irelene couldn't help but think to herself as she moved away as fast as she could after sensing Ramela standing still.

Moving away from the smoke with her right hand, Ramela jumped after Irelene while exclaiming with a pissed-off expression "That did manage to hurt." A red swollen piece of her left cheek was visible to everyone.

Ramela's speed increased as she suddenly appeared below Irelene who was caught mid-air while doing a pirouette 'Oh crap!' Was everything she could think before the air was taken out of her lungs and blood escaped her mouth.


The clouds in the morning sky dispersed as Irelene's body was sent flying like a ragdoll at great speed.

Ramela who was about to launch herself to finish the fight was suddenly stopped by the figure of Bann in front of her, grasping her shoulder "Stop, you won." His face was plain as he looked at her.

Meanwhile, Urocain used his abilities to stop Irelene's body and retrieve it back without further harming her. Anáeth quickly moved to his side to assist the unconscious warrior once she was brought down.

Meanwhile, Seleri and Rucule shook their head at Ramela's action while commenting "She quickly lost her temper"

"Instead of further training, she ends up things quickly, what a waste." Seleri scoffed.

Hearing their words and seeing Bann devoid of any emotions, Ramela couldn't help but slump her shoulders as she let out a sigh, regretting finishing things this quickly.

Walking towards the Saiyan group, she let out a troubled smile while scratching her head "I guess I wasted my chance to train..." Her words received plenty of nods from Aprit and Rucule.

While Seleri told her "What was the point if not training ourselves against them? We already know they have less ki than us." Shaking her head while crossing her arms.

After ensuring that Irelene was checked, Urocain let out a deep sigh while thinking 'Their strength is nothing to scoff at, physically I doubt there's any match in the whole galaxy for them.' Opening his eyes, he then stared at Ramela's cheek while adding 'Although when it comes to psychic abilities... I'm going to see it by myself.'

Jumping in front of Bann who was eyeing Urocain all this time, the warlock said "It is my turn, I suppose." With a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

Bann nodded his head while he pointed himself with his thumb "I'm going to be your enemy." Not before being interrupted by Seleri who unfolded her arms as she looked over him with a pissed-off expression "Hey! I want to be the one training this time!"

Only to receive a negative shook from Bann who simply said "Negative." Turning his head in her direction he clarified "You already know you're strong. Let us the weaklings train now." A toothy grin adorned his face while saying so.

Rucule, Aprit and Seleri scoffed at his sarcastic words, as he was second to Seleri only.

Jumping away from Urocain, he eyed the warlock who had various runes floating around him. Waiting for the start of the battle.

Taking the role of judge, Seleri marked the start with a plain "Begin."

Instantaneously fire engulfed the warlock as the elements were cast upon the previous position of Bann, who was forced to evade as a storm of bolts of lightning assaulted his positions while he continued to retreat.

Not expecting to be forced to evade, Bann frowned while he pointed with his right hand towards Urocain, quickly gathering a ki blast and sending him away.



Debris was falling around as smoke engulfed the area. However, Bann's frown deepened as he started seeing various afterimages of the warlock moving around his position, changing position every second while channelling more and more attacks through his runes.

Bann thought to himself, 'This is certainly annoying,' as he was forced to erect a ki barrier around him. Urocain was like a tempest, moving fast and unpredictably around the battlefield and channelling powerful attacks that could harm Bann if he didn't protect his body with ki.

Not wanting to be left unmoving, Bann jumped towards the sky as he flew high. Positioning both hands in front of him he started barraging the area with ki blasts like a machine gun.

*ZA* *ZA* *ZA* *ZA*


The ground beneath their feet quaked violently, sending clouds of dust and debris billowing into the air. The turbulent winds whipped around them, pushed away by the force of the shockwaves. Anáeth, who was in the middle of treating Irelene, couldn't help but gaze in awe at the incredible scene before her. She had heard countless tales of the incredible power that warlocks were capable of unleashing, but now she was seeing it firsthand. But also witnessing an alien race that was on par with them in terms of sheer power and otherworldly abilities. However, these beings had not spent years honing their skills through intense training and meditation like the warlocks did. It was a truly remarkable sight to behold.

A blueish shield appeared around Urocain, who looked with a solemn look at Bann who kept barraging the area. Taking another rune he started channeling it while a swirl slowly started to appear above Bann who seemed oblivious to it.

The reality started bent as the sheer power channeled by the warlock created energy arcs of pure raw destructive energy. Which with a gesture of his hand, rained upon Bann with an earth-shattering rumble. Making his body fall through the air.

Not wasting his chance, Urocain channelled more energy through his Witchblade and pointed towards the falling figure of Bann who fought to maintain his consciousness.

Unexpectedly and taken by surprise, Bann was hit with an incredibly powerful attack that managed to bypass his ki coating. He had not anticipated that such an attack could be possible. As a result, Bann's armour was left with two gaping holes that cut through the pauldron guard, piercing through his flesh, bones, and lungs.

Blood gushed out of his wounds, while his muscles slowly lost their strength. Despite the severity of his injuries, Bann refused to give in to the darkness that threatened to consume him. Summoning his inner strength, he raised his ki just in time to create a new ki barrage to counter the energy arc previously unleashed by Urocain.



Bann was determined not to lose the training match so easily. He steadied his body and faced Urocain, gathering his inner energy and channelling it into a concentrated sphere of power in his mouth. With a thundering scream, he sent the sphere hurtling towards the warlock, while simultaneously launching himself towards the man in close quarters.

Urocain, taken aback by Bann's sudden attack, could do nothing but raise his barrier on sheer reflex. He watched helplessly as Bann closed in on him with incredible speed. In mere seconds, both Urocain's barrier and body gave way, and the two collided with a loud crash.

Bann's knee made contact with Urocain's helmet with a crushing force, almost knocking the warlock off his feet. The blow was so powerful that Urocain's helmet cracked under the impact, and he felt a sharp pain coursing through his head. Despite this, he managed to maintain his stance, albeit barely.

"ARGH!" Urocain let out a piercing scream as shards of his helmet visor impaled his eyes. The force of Bann's knee was so strong that it broke his nose and almost shattered his mouth. Through the chaos and pain, Urocain instinctively tapped into the power of the warp, drawing energy through all his runes and even beyond them, creating a swirling vortex of destruction around him. The maelstrom was a desperate attempt to survive and fight back against Bann.

Seeing the fight getting out of hand rapidly, Seleri tried to move between the two figures. However, in mid-air, she saw Bann's bloodied hand knocking down the warlock with a simple, yet powerful slap.



The barrage of psychic attacks at zero point, suddenly stopped as Urocain's helmet was broken half letting everyone witness the injuries that Urocain suffered. Seven sharps pieces of his helmet pierced through his bloodied eyes,

His nose was a mess as it was completely shattered. Teeth were missing from his mouth his lips were split open and a gruesome piece of bone pierced through his chin.

Catching Bann's large figure compared to her petite frame, Seleri felt her heart clench while eyeing what was left of Bann.

His arms were filled with deep gnashing cuts that oozed blood, and his armour held various holes where charred flesh hung out. Parts of his skin were charred and slowly fell out of his body. The only places that didn't hold deep wounds were his face and his legs.

The rest of him was a bloody mess.

Seleri's voice trembled with fear and desperation as she cried out to Anáeth, her eyes fixed on Bann's bloodied form lying on the ground. "HEAL HIM!" she implored, her voice rising several notches. Anáeth's heart skipped a beat as she saw the severity of Bann's injuries, but she composed herself quickly and drew upon her runic power. She channelled the energy through her hands, which glowed with a bright, whitish-golden light. As she placed her hands on Bann's chest, the healing energy flowed into him, knitting slowly his wounds together and mending his broken bones. Seleri breathed a sigh of relief as she watched the light suffuse Bann's body, bringing him back from the brink of death.

Ramela looked closely at Bann's body as her heart squeezed, a cold sweat ran down her back as an unknown fear gripped her being.

She opened and closed her mouth several times, yet her voice was muffled in her throat. Unbeknownst to her, her body trembled as she watched the most superficial wounds on Bann's body heal with rapid speed.

Rucule brought Urocain's body and lay beside Bann on the dusty floor. Although Bann was the one with more urgent wounds, the warlock was in dire need of healing too.

Silence permeated the area as Anáeth worked relentlessly to heal Bann's life-threatening injuries. Minutes passed by and the most superficial wounds were nowhere to be seen, while others were slowly but surely closing and mending together.

While this happened Irelene slowly started to regain her consciousness as she looked at the blue sky. Her ears were ringing while memories slowly started to come back into her. Making her sit her bum and look around alarmed, only to see the various figures of the Saiyans surrounding a light.

Squirming her eyes she was able to spot the figure of Bann and Urocain alongside Anáeth, with the latter using her abilities on Bann.

When she looked more carefully into the bloodied face of Urocain, she rose to her feet swiftly as she approached them. Seeing the perilous state that the warlock and her senior were in, she closed her eyes and made sure to still feel his soul within his body.

Letting out a sigh of relief when she noticed he was still there.

After asking and getting her answer she remained silent while looking solemnly at Anáeth who was sweating and looking focused on her task.

After tirelessly healing Bann's wounds, Anáeth finally decided to shift her focus to Urocain. It was well over thirty minutes since she had started, and the task at hand was not easy. However, she remained determined and determinedly worked through every bruise and laceration that Urocain had sustained. Fortunately, the healing process took less time than it had for Bann, and Urocain remained unconscious throughout the process, albeit with fewer teeth in his mouth. Despite the challenges, Anáeth persevered and remained committed to healing her patients to the best of her abilities.

Seeing both party leaders unconscious, they all agree to finalise the training and bring them back into the space station so they would rest into proper rooms. Marking down the first defeat of the Saiyans, in the hands of the Warlock Urocain Rhain from the Craftworld Mymeara.

A feat that would be sung and told throughout the aeons to come.

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