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What is Reverend Insanity Semi

Read Reverend Insanity Semi fanfiction written by the author Nefar_inn on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is others fanfic stories, covering cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A RI reader get transmigrated to RI world as Fang Yuan.


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I'll be honest, this is borderline interesting and dope, but also ****ty. Look only reason RI was cool was cause the selfish and OP MC, and the fact that he kinda planned his ****[ well plan as much as a MC can in a chinese bk] and he was a ruthless individual...here u follow through with ur idea, and that kinda is interesting but also ****ty...ur MC acts how a normie SI would act..thats interesting but also boring. plus he dosnt even have all the memories. Like there are 4 chps and nothing really interesting,,,also its like u omitted some ****,,,,the ' MC ' was a genius before MC SI's himself, and yet none of that is here...what happened? Everyone thinks he is a retard cause he dosnt have the OG's memories and yet they all forgot his genius past point is, RI was interesting cause the MC was cold ruthless individual...and here MC being some naive kid dosnt really seem that interesting,,,RI was strong to stronger


5 stars just for the start and the summary. I believe you can do a great job. Even if you fail in it, I don't mind. The start has already excited me a lot


no sentences can describe the thrill......just this word comes to mind AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As the Editor and Proofreader of Reverend Insanity Semi I need to give a good review!!!! I hope you all enjoy this work! Should you have any suggestions or should you find errors, we (author and myself) ask you to let us know!


Great work. It's really interesting. Hope you write a long novel like RI. Found your chapter on reddit and created a webnovel account for this. ( I personally don't like rereading the novels I already read so please deviate as much as possible from the original {I am looking forward to protagonist's use of small qi gu ✌️} ).The protagonist being an RI reader and his humility about the fact are interesting. Leaving my 5 star review as an encouragement. 👍


Hey guys, we're working on this fanfic again :D Right now we are with "our" chapters at number 40. However, it takes a bit of time to translate this into reasonable English and to ensure that the correct chapter length of 7 pages is reached. To apologize for the fact that there has been no new upload for so long, we will upload 5 new chapters next week. After that, we will try to upload 3 chapters in the weekly cycle.


Hi Guys We wanted to ask you if you would like to attend a chapter event? So by that I / we mean that with a certain number of chapters we give you the opportunity to write many reviews in order to get 5 bonus chapters in a week.




awesome story awesome selection for fanfiction if author adds a little harem members too it will be awesome I mean this world has too many fairies to be left unconquered.....


Novel feels a bit plain, I like the ideas, but you make the mc so monotonous and boring. Generic ill just go with the flow if the story self insert. Mc also has forgotten some bits about the novel, which i guess is to make the fanfic more interesting? Or maybe cover up any plot holes that may occur 🤷‍♂️. Most of the major events are still canon so far, few changes here and there but nothing that has affect much yet. Mc still has c grade etc etc


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incredibly good freaking love it is awsome ive read a lot of fan fics but this is in my second favorite it truly shows the great possibilities of the reverend insanity world


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